2014 Life rattle Radio Program listings.

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Dec 25 Laurie Kallis Nathaniel Voll "Agnes Was..."
      Kyra Weichert "Home for Christmas"
Dec 18 Laurie Kallis Jayson San Miguel "The Boy-Girl Party"
Dec 4 Virginia Ashberry Janice Newton "In Pencil Lightly"
Nov 27 Laurie Kallis Andrew Lobo

"The Puzzle"
"The Desk"
"The Phone Call"

Nov 20 Laurie Kallis Rob Redford "Rare Cards"
Nov 13 John Dunford Amna Bhutta "The Seesaw"
"One Day at Centennial"
"An Extraordinary Journey"
Nov 6 Laurie Kallis Shane Driver "Making Moves"
Oct 30 Virginia Ashberry Jessica Marasovic "The Hangover: Four Rounds and a Knockout"
Oct 23 Laurie Kallis Phyllis Mak "Working at the Smoker's Pit"
      Jason Swetnam "Ron's Smile"
"Mi Kyeong"
Oct 9 Laurie Kallis Larissa Crawley "The Ham"
"Memory Foam"
Oct 2 Laurie Kallis Waffa Saleem "Eid-ul-Adha"
      Daniel Ignacio "Electricity"
      Zeenat Mohamed "The Chinese Carpet"
      Kimmy Vu "Our First Time"
Sept 25 Tracy Moniz Jamie Gillingham "Making My Mother Cry"
"The Waverly Inn"
      Robin Young "Sandcastles"
Sept 18 John Dunford Sadaf Saleem "Ashhar"
Sept 11 Laurie Kallis Tyler McLaren "Failure to Launch"
"A Game for Kings"
Sept 4 Virginia Ashberry Katherine McQuaid "Roommate"
Aug 28 Laurie Kallis Anne Yendell "Campfire"
      Bridget Poole "The Punchline"
"Uh Oh"
Aug 21 Laurie Kallis Jean Chung "The Chip Truck"
"Flower Girl"
Aug 14 Laurie Kallis Claire Holland

"Women's Rites"

Aug 7 Virginia Ashberry Jennifer Bechard

"Springer's Hill"
"My Encounter with Lanky"
"Baiting Lizards"
"Killing Dinner"

July 31 Laurie Kallis Canya Selvakumar "Scrabble"
"The Wingwoman"
July 17 Laurie Kallis David Kee "Sour Patch Kids"
"Ice Cream"
July 3 Virginia Ashberry Vanessa Mariga "I.D."
"Ryan and the Glitter Rocker"
June 26 Laurie Kallis Jessica Zurawicki "A Blind Duck"
"Parking Lot 8"
June 12 Laurie Kallis Nathalie Soulliere "Promise Me, Cowboy"
      Laura Lush "A Man and A Dog"
June 5 Virginia Ashberry Vanessa Mariga "Uncle Clyde"
"The Colour of Time"
May 8 John Dunford Steve Rahman "Evening Class"
"Behind Closed Doors"
"My Psychiatrist"
May 1 Virginia Ashberry Tamara Chandon


Apr 24 Guest Host
John Currie

Alexandra Geddes

"Dinosaur Bones"

      Robert Jones "Somewhere Special"
      John Currie "Stars and Dad"
Apr 10 Guest Host
John Currie
Claudio Carosi "Oreo"
"A Tree on a Tree"
Apr 3 Virginia Ashberry Beth Jones "Under the Van"
"Zapatista Story"
Mar 27 Laurie Kallis Sarah E. Truman "The Sleet Storm"
Mar 13 Laurie Kallis David Kee "Rain Ghosts"
"The Bird"
"The Rose Merchant"
Mar 6 Virginia Ashberry Rahul Sethi "Door"
"Shit Water"
"The King's Beloved"
Feb 27 Laurie Kallis Sheridan Martins "Bastard"
"Grampa's Comfy Chair"
"No Treat"
Feb 13 Laurie Kallis Nicholas Tsangarides

"Italian Leathers"
"The Ambush Crew"
"R. L. Fletcher Bicycle Repair"

Feb 6 Virginia Ashberry Damian Mangat "Brighton"
"Inside India"
Jan 23 Laurie Kallis Afreen Chowdhury "Chocolate"
Jan 9 John Dunford Martha Sinclair "ICU"
"Dinner at Il Fornello"
Jan 2 Virginia Ashberry Rosa Veltri "A Heater and a Fan"