life rattle show no. 1292

Presented on THURSDAY, february 6, 2014


Hosted by virginia ashberry


"Inside India"
by Damian Mangat

tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program No. 1292, features two classic stories by Life Rattle writer Damian Mangat.

Damian Mangat was born in London, England in 1971 to parents of Indian descent. She and her family emigrated to British Columbia, Canada, in 1977 and worked their way east to Toronto over the next two years. Damian got sent back to England to live with her grandparents and returned to Toronto when she was sixteen. She began her world travels the next year. Mangat has lived and worked in the Caribbean, Central and South America, western and eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Damian Mangat resettled in Toronto in 1999 and began taking courses toward starting up a freelance editing business while she continued with her writing.

Damian Mangats writes in a highly visual, tactile and sensual style.

In "Brighton," a young woman finds herself in Brighton England during her world wanderings. The cold wind and rain of the English coastline contrasts with steamy, youthful sex when she yields to the inevitable attraction of a gorgeous young man.

In "Inside India" the same young woman finds herself trapped in the lush beauty of northern India, in an emotionally sterile family visit. The heat of India is paired with cool, emotional isolation at a family gathering in a rural Punjab mansion.


Please note: tonight’s stories include intense situations and language that some listeners might find disturbing. Parental discretion is advised.