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The Life Rattle Radio Program, in its twenty-seventh year, has broadcast more than 1200 programs featuring more than 1600 stories by more than 400 new writers.

The enterprise began small, on CKLN-FM 88.1 community radio. In the first three shows we played our own stories. In those early days we searched for writers every week, sometimes having to read from books we had on-hand when we couldn’t find anyone with a story ready. That has changed. We have a backlog of people who want to read their stories.

Life Rattle now "broadcasts" our radio program through podcasts. We have loyal listeners who subscribe to our RSS feed, exciting new writers and a corps of writers who return again and again.

We had little idea of the success we would meet when we began. Who could have imagined this obscure radio program would collect the astounding quantity and quality of material that it has?

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