1991 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays at 11 a.m.
Jan 6 #150   Kwanza Msingwana   "Prohibited Immigrant" Part two
Jan 13 #151   Michelle Rowsell   "The In-laws"
"Journal 901224"
Jan 20 #152   Arnie Achtman   "Modern Romance" Part one
Jan 27 #153   Arnie Achtman   "Modern Romance" Part two
"Accident" Part one
Feb 3 #154   Arnie Achtman   "Accident" Conclusion
      Kwanza Msingwana   "The Pope is a Hustler"
Feb 10 #155   Hudson George   "Pearls"
"Night of the Butcher"
Feb 17 #156   Jerzy Garnecki   "The Mind Gap"
Feb 24 #157   Bernard Robinson   "No More Baseball"
"Inside the Bottle"
"Not Listening"
Mar 3 #158   Bernard Robinson   "Brotherly Love"
"No Problem"
"Just Like Me"
Mar 10 #159   Isabel MacIntyre   "The Cook and the Lady"
"Blueberry Pie"
Mar 17 #160   Guy Allen   "Tales of Mother: A Mama's Boy
"Wild Man Remembers"
Mar 24 #161   Carlos Benalcazar   "A Day at School"
"Toronto the Good"
Mar 31 #162   Carlos Benalcazar   "I've Been Robbed"
"My First Taste of Freedom"
Apr 7 #163   Arnie Achtman   "Dope" Part one
Apr 14 #164   Arnie Achtman   "Dope" Part two
Apr 21 #165   Angela Aynyasin   "Pumpkin Centre"
"Home Made Hot Chocolate"
Apr 28 #166   Angela Aynyasin   "Purple Hearts, Broken Promises"
"Company Ink"
May 5 #167   Arnie Achtman   "Dope" Part three
May 12 #168   Inese Ivans   "The First School Dance"
"My Father Never Ran"
May 19 #169   Carmen Avedikian   "Treasure"
"When Your're the Youngest"
"Arrested in South Africa"
"Moving Images"
May 26 #170   Carmen Avedikan   "The Formula"
"Remembering My Father"
"Stanley and the Vets' Home""Treasure"
June 2 #171   Inese Ivans   "My Father Never Ran"
"The Funeral Parlour"
"Uncle Bob"
June 9 #172   Inese Ivans   "Sauble Beach"
June 16 #173   Nancy Chong   "The Funeral"
"The Tale of the Snake"
"Nam on Lai"
June 23 #174   Nancy Chong   "How to Crack a Government Safe"
"My Mother" Part one
June 30 #175   Nancy Chong   "My Mother" Part two
"Silver Spoon"
July 7 #176   Nancy Chong   "Warrior Woman"
"The Story Teller"
July 14 #177   Nancy Chong   "Chinese Tamales"
"The Easter Hat"
"We Hardly Speak the Same Language"
July 21 #178   Jay Lawrence   "First Aid on the Guang Zhou Train"
"First Blood Comes to China"
July 28 #179   Hudson George   "Mr. Panna and the Hooligans"
"Ma Gus"
Aug 4 #180   Hudson George   "The Start of the Terror"
"Short Knees"
Aug 11 #181   Jay Lawrence   "Journey to Meet Ma Yuan" Part one
Aug 18 #182   Jay Lawrence   "Journey to Meet Ma Yuan" Part two
Aug 25 #183   Jay Lawrence   "Journey to Meet Ma Yuan" Part three
Sept 1 #184   Isabel MacIntyre   "Factory Life"
Sept 8 #185   Jay Lawrence   "Journey to Meet Ma Yuan" Conclusion
      Yvonne Valnea   "Fifteen Years Old and Still a Virgin"
Sept 15 #186   Yvonne Valnea   "Two Steaks A La Peppeverde and Spaghettie Carbonara"
"Five Years, Three Bottles of Frascati Wine, Two Amarro and a Sambucca"
Sept 22 #187   Susan Neumann   "Child Labour" Part one
Sept 29 #188   Susan Neumann   "Child Labour" Conclusion
Oct 6 #189   Howard Wiseman   "The Iron Curtain" Part one
Oct 13 #190   Howard Wiseman   "The Iron Curtain" Part two
Oct 20 #191       FundFest
Oct 27 #192       FundFest
Nov 3 #193   Dave Martin   "Family Food Fights"
"Bricks and Stones"
"Square Dancing"
Nov 10 #194   Dave Martin   "H.M.C.S. Annapolis"
Nov 17 #195   Dave Martin   "Emilio"
"Too Bad"
Nov 24 #196   Amy Lee   "A Chinese New Year"
Dec 1 #197   Emilio Sinopoli   "George Fights Back"
Dec 8 #198   Kate Scroggie   "Pink Chevette"
"The Date"
Dec 15 #199   Kate Scroggie   "Big Potatoes"
Dec 22 #200   Michelle Rowsell   "Journal 901224"
      Guy Allen   "Christmas 1958"
Dec 29 #201   Jerzy Garnecki   "The Mind Gap"