June 1, 2018
new publishers series book launch

June 1, 2017
new publishers series book launch


July 26, 2016
In the Shadow of Home: An Artist's
Journey in a New Land book launch

June 7, 2016
New Publishers Series Book Launch

May 29, 2016
When It Happens Book Launch

June 2, 2015
New Writers Book Launch



november 11, 2014
broken Book Launch

June 4, 2014
New Writers Book Launch

Dec 10, 2013
Beverley: The stories and artwork of an exceptional school book launch

nov 26, 2013
There's Going to be Trouble Book Launch

June 11, 2013
new publishers series book launch

december 2, 2012
The Taste of Water
book launch celebration
may 29, 2012
New publishers series book launch
Bare Elements

December 15, 2010
Bare Elements book launch

About Local Food

May 3, 2010
About Local Food book launch

January 26, 2005
Multiple book launch

October 26, 2004
Multiple book launch


In addition to the annual Totally Unknown Writers Festival, Life Rattle Press holds a celebratory book launch for new publications. These celebrations bring the authors and the community together in an evening of great storytelling.

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