WRI420 2013 BOok Launch


The Book Launch !

June 11, 2013

Doors opened at 6:30 Festivities began at 7:00 p.m.

The Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen St. W., Toronto SEE MAP

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A very receptive audience came out to celebrate sixteen new publications, hear the authors read an excerpt from each book and to buy their own copies!
The sixteen new publications include:
Profits and Losses: Stories About Companies and Their Successes and Failures by Christopher De Sousa
Keep Grandma Off the Streets: Tales from a Bingo Hall by Matthew Del Mei

Tabir: True Stories of a Ukrainian Summer Youth Camp by Andrew Dmytrasz

Without Air: The World of Breath-hold Diving by Michelle Kathryn Duklas

Tamago by Michael Graham


The Immigrants by Joanna Iossifidis


Biology Doesn't Care About Your Feelings by Stephanie Kolodij


Who Says That? I Once Told a Girl to Kill Herself by Justin Patrick Lau


Cursed: Stories of Brantford and the Magic Walnut Turtle by Laura Lefebvre


Resilience and the Brain: Reflections on neuroplasticity and Mental Health by Jillian Rose Lim


I'm Not There by Matt Long


Sugar Free by Ankita Nayar


Fried Crickets: A Collection of Short Stories by Courtney Olmstead


Paper Bits: Cutting and Pasting Memories by Agustina Paula Rabsiun


The Bench Crew: The Untold Stories by Somrata Sakar
Stepping Stones by Carly Sail