tabir: true Stories of a ukrainian summer youth camp

by Andrew Dmytrasz


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In Tabir: True stories of a Ukrainian Summer Youth Camp, Andrew Dmytrasz gives readers an inside account of one of the most unique, unforgettable youth summer camps you’ll ever read about—from the perspective of both a twelve-year-old camper and, later, as a teenage counsellor.

Run by a Ukrainian youth group under strict rules, “Camp Sunshine” demands that campers, wearing their odnostrijs (official uniforms), march each morning from their palanka (cabin) to a soccer field. Divided into khlopjaczyj pidtabir (boys’ side) and divckhata pitabir (girls’ side), they stand at attention and participate in appel, a combination of army-style roll call, prayer and daily announcements. The Komandantka (head administrator) and Komanda (heads of camp) instruct the campers on all matters related to tabir (camp).

Andrew Dmytrasz introduces readers to a host of characters—fellow campers and, later, fellow camp counsellors—in a series of hilarious and sometimes poignant camp adventures. Then the seventeen-year-old and his friends, some of whom attended the youth camp with him, fly to Ykpaina (Ukraine) and explore their roots and connect with other people who share their Ukrainian heritage.

ISBN: 978-1-927023-37-2