biology doesn't care about your feelings

by Stephanie Kolodij


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I ran down our driveway. I waved my arms over my head. The gravel on the driveway bit into my bare feet. "HE'S UPSTAIRS. PLEASE GO GET HIM!" I yelled. Two large men in EMT jumpsuits carried an orange plank out of the ambulance. I ran after them. "Please," I whispered. "Don't let my Daddy die."

- excerpt from "Metastisised"


Males are costly, in terms of mating. An organism uses less energy on reproducing when it can perform the whole affair alone. Selfing produces as many, if not more, offspring than mating does. Finding a mate, the act of copulation and the resources taken up by a male do not seem particularly worth it, given this. Why then, are males so prevalent in many plant and animal species?

- excerpt from "Host-Parasite Interactions: The Red Queen"

ISBN: 978-1-927023-36-5