WRI420 2012 BOok Launch

The authors, from left to right, Anna Konareva, Josh Bulgin, Kevin Ng, Aaron Pederson,
Adam Erb, Ahmad Al-Hendi, Alek Holm, Karalisa Dantas, Christy Moffat, Rashmi Srirangan,
Bethany Read, Kayla Searl, Christine Law, Catherine Lopes and Carine Abouseif.

May 29, 2012 6:00-9:00 p.m. at The Garrison 1197 Dundas St. W., Toronto SEE MAP

A celebration of nineteen new publications!

Borrowed Spaces by Carine Abouseif
Busy Breaking Corners by Ahmad Al-Hendi
Dirt of the Atlantic by J.T. Bulgin 
My Jamie Has Died: A Collection by Karalisa Dantas
In My [spare] Time by Adam J. Erb
Peaches and Red Clay by Baasima Hendrickson
Where We Go From Here: A Memoir by Aleksander Holm
Barbie Dolls and Boas by Anna Konareva
Home and Other Eggshells by C. M. Law
Dash of Life by Catherine R. Lopes
Fragile Monsters by Sufian Malik
Blackout and Other Tales in Toronto by Mystique Mattai
Bakemono by Christy Moffat
Baby Pie by Ankita Nayar
Up North: A Weekend at Canada’s Largest Anime Convention by Kevin Ng
Lessons for Creative People: Four Reflections to Help the Creator Who Isn’t Creating Get Back to Work by Aaron Pederson
Pooks by Bethany Read
All She Wrote: A Collection of Short Stories by Kayla M. Searl
Remembering New Delhi by Rashmi Srirangan


Some of the books.   Christine Law, Christy Moffat,
Ahmad Al-Hendi and Bethany Read.
  Before the show.
Kevin Ng, Rashmi Srirangan, Christy Moffat, Karalisa Dantas and Bethany Read outside The Garrison.   Rashmi Srirangan, Karalisa Dantas, Bethany Read and Kevin Ng outside The Garrison.   Kayla Searl addresses the audience.
Guy Allen begins the celebration.