Home and other eggshells

By C. M. Law


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Home and Other Eggshells is a collection of vivid memories that showcase the ups and downs of living in between parents. Filled with passion and dry humour, each short story pieces together a mural of loss and regrowth.

He did it when I was at school. I guess it was easier that way.

"I'm letting your mom keep all the furniture," he said, "I'm going to live with your Uncle Paul for a bit."

"Okay," I said, pressing the phone tight to my ear. There was nothing else to say.

I picked a piece of skin from the side of my thumb and flicked it onto the hardwood floor.

- an excerpt


Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication Data

Law, C. M. (Christine Marie), 1990-
Home and other eggshells / C.M. Law
Publisher: Life Rattle Press, Toronto 2012
New Publishers Series, 1713-8981

ISBN: 978-1-927023-25-9

PS8623.A88H65 2012   C813'.6   C2012-901628-4