Lessons for creative people: Four reflections to Help the Creator Who Isn't creating get back to work

By Aaron Pederson


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Lessons for Creative People was written for creative artists in all fields, to help you overcome your mental barriers that can stop you from achieving success in the work you love.

Learn from artists and creative thinkers—Jay-Z, Stephen Hawking, Sidney Poitier, J.K Rowling, and many more—who overcame these barriers and turned their lives around.


Excerpt from Go Beyond the Teaching—Self-Mastery

Imitating the masters in our field is helpful, but it’s not enough. Eventually we have to learn to trust our intuition. Just as Ali didn’t want to be told how to box, artists shouldn’t cling to teachers and mentors to show them how to work. Bruce Lee (1940-1973), the Chinese martial artist, observed that most teachers of Jeet Kune Do drill their students in routine traditional methods, but when a student has to fight another class member, he reverts to the techniques he has been taught in class and his moves are predictable. On the other hand, the dangerous fighter is more fluid in his attacks and reactions—he fights spontaneously. Bruce Lee said:

"True observation begins when one is devoid of set patterns; freedom of expression occurs when one is beyond system."


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Pederson, Aaron, 1990-
Lessons for creative people: four reflections to help the creator who isn't creating get back to work / Aaron Pederson
Publisher: Life Rattle Press, Toronto 2012
New Publishers Series, 1713-8981

ISBN: 978-1-927023-11-2

1. Creative ability--Psychological aspects. 2. Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)--Psychological aspects.

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