fragile monsters

By sufian malik


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Thank you for mostly pleasantly coexisting with me and sharing air with me when we’re in a room together and offering me drinks when it’s saturday and past 11pm and driving me places when I’d rather not take the bus and not telling me to shut up when I’ve said too much and hugging me and buying pizza on my behalf because I’m not allowed in that shop anymore and falling asleep with me when I do and pointing at things in the world and sitting on chairs and making eye contact when we talk and for letting me pet your dog and I’m sorry if I’ve ever burnt your toast or yelled at you I know I know I was wrong or for making subtle but mean remarks about your appearance in mixed company and for farting too much and thank you for going to denny’s with me when I had that hangover and understanding that thing I told you and for laughing even if it’s not funny and for skipping work that one time and for walking me to the lcbo and walking me home when I puked in front of that school and for screaming the smiths with me and for saying I’m not too snarky and for teaching me and the whole deal about passion.



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Malik, Suffian
Fragile monsters / Sufian Malik
Publisher: Life Rattle Press, Toronto 2012
New Publishers Series, 1713-8981

ISBN: 978-1-927023-18-1

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