bare elements book launch


book launch


Bare Elements:

SuperMarket 268 Augusta Ave., Toronto (Kensington Market) SEE MAP

Authors: Paula Applebaum, Erika Bailey, Robert Bickford, Neena Chadha, Kristen Evans, Nisha Haji, Nicola Holmes, Rachel James Chinwe Osuji, Jessica Outram, Norm Reynolds, Mervi Maarit Salo, Sheila Stewart, Leanne Tonkin, Penny Verbruggen

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The audience.
Nicola Holmes discusses the process.
Penny Verbruggen reads "The Brass Key.
Assembling the authors for a group shot.
Guy Allen closes the celebration.
Erika Bailey introduces the book."
Nisha Haji reads "Wilson Heights Community Centre."
Neena Chadha's husband and son look over
Kwai, Robert and Virginia at the book table.
An audience member lost in the book.
A rapt audience.
Rachel James reads "Diamond Heights."
Robert Bickford reads
"The Silver Infiniti Without the Pom-Poms."
Norm Reynolds reads "My Father's Birthday."
Mervi Maarit Salo and Guy Allen.