1996 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays at 9 p.m.
Jan 7 #405   Marilli Martyn   "Kidnapped"
"A Change of Name"
"Schools, Schools, Schools"
Jan 21 #406   Ruth Schweitzer   "The Bright Lights of Spadina"
"Painting the Wall Green"
Jan 28 #408   Kwai Li   "Navy Brides from Sasebo"
"My Brother's Wedding"
Feb 4 #409   Kwai Li   "My Roof Terrace"
Feb 11 #410   Kwai Li   "A Fish Who Invited Itself to Dinner"
"Reunion With My Brother"
Feb 18 #411   Patrick Walker   "Operation Just Cause"
"The Woman Who Died With God"
Feb 25 #412   Patrick Walker   "In The Army Now"
      Laura Wilson   "Floor Hockey"
"Communication Difficulties"
Mar 3 #413   Laura Wilson   "Communication Difficulties"
"No More Frozen Pizza"
"Getting Screwed"

Mar 10 #414   Laura Wilson   "Believing in a Miracle"
"Bath Time"
Mar 17 #415   Jennifer Lee   "Lessons From Girl Guides"
"Going to Chinese School"
Mar 24 #416   Jennifer Less   ""The Hottest Summer Ever"
      Shannah Fong   "Tattoo"
Mar 31 #417   Shannah Fong   "Mother's Shame"
"Grandfather's Grave"
Apr 7 #418   Janet Sykiotis   "The Discussion"
"The Set-up"
Apr 14 #419   Nelida Boucher Miceli   "I Won't"
      Minh Van Truong   "The Lonely World"
Apr 21 #420   Gillian McIntyre   "Ian"
Apr 28 #421   Gillian McIntyre   "Suburbia"
      Ruth Schweitzer   "Knock on Wood" Part One.
May 5 #422   Ruth Schweitzer   "Knock on Wood" Part Two.
May 19 #424   Dorothy Forbes Johnston   "Tea and Cakes and Freedom"
May 26 #425   Alan Woo   "Kee-Ai"
"Lion Dance"
June 2 #426   Jutta Stein   "Of Plants and Work and How to Get There in the Morning"
June 9 #427   Kwanza Msingwana   "Father Canutt"
"The Pope is a Hustler"
June 16 #428   Hien Chu   N/A
June 23 #429   Hien Chu   N/A
June 30 #430   Hien Chu   "The Escapers" read by Arnie Achtman
      Jennifer Lee   "Going to Chinese School"
July 7 #431   Hien Chu   "An Express Funeral"
      Katarina Pavlovic   "Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned"
July 14 #432   Lisa Wiggins   "Crayons" read by Martha Kofie
      Hein Chu   "The Secret of the Boat 52/110 Mindinao" read by Arnie Achtman
July 21 #433   Liz Wells   "The Single Bed"
"The Two Gerry's"
"One Christmas Day"
July 28 #434   Liz Wells   "Todd"
Aug 4 #435   Katarina Pavlovic   "Escape to Woodchester"
"Burying the Bibles"
Aug 11 #436   Katarina Pavlovic   "Anka" part of Cries in the Storm
Aug 18 #437   Katarina Pavlovic   "Marica" part of Cries in the Storm
Aug 25 #438   Katarina Pavlovic   "Vido" part of Sarajevo: Cries in the Storm
Sept 1 #439   Lisa Wiggins   "A Valentine's Adventure"
"Joy Ride"
Sept 8 #440   Lisa Wiggins   "Different"
"The Pink Hibicus"
Sept 15 #441   S. Martin   "Mitch"
      Michael DeLellis   "The Calculus Test"
Sept 22 #442   S. Martin   "Colin and His Two Favourite Ladies"
      Laura Snider   "The Oompapa Room"
"The D-Monster"
Sept 29 #443   S. Martin   "Kate"
Oct 6 #444   Laura Snider   Dizzy"
"Half and Half"
Oct 27 #446   Michael DeLellis   "ECO 100Y"
"The Gate"
"The Day After"
Nov 3 #447   Laura Snider   "Good Enough"
"Twenty Questions"
      Lisa Wiggins   "You're Grounded" read by Martha Kofie
Nov 10 #448   Lisa Wiggins   "Martyrs and Saints" read by Martha Kofie
Nov 17 #449   Katarina Pavlovic   "My Father's Escape"
Nov 24 #450   Joyce Ong   "The Parade"
Dec 1 #451   Peggy Bristow   "Women From Bathsheba"
Dec 15 #453   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" excerpts
Dec 22 #454   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" excerpts
Dec 29 #455   Joynce Onge   "Two Hard Years"
"Shenyang Transformer Research Institute"