2015 Life rattle Radio Program listings.

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Dec 24 Laurie Kallis Ivana Sarmiento "The Sarmiento Mafia"
"Warriors and Princesses"
Dec 3 Virginia Ashberry Denny Hunte "The Home Visit"
Nov 15 Laurie Kallis Aaron Jervis "Silver Ladder"
      Fatima Zermina "Sour Patch Kid"
Nov 6 Virginia Ashberry Ingrid Sevels "My Flight"
"Fraud and Corruption"
"Midsummer's Night Crisis"
"Dinner Preparations"
"Drive to the Jani Concert"
"Flight Home"
Oct 30 Laurie Kallis Amina Abdelwahab "Ring Ring Ring"
"The Elevator"
Oct 17 Laurie Kallis Carmen Trapez

"The Naked Women of Panchgani"
"The Volume of the TV"
"We Can Do It Your Way"

Oct 1 Virginia Ashberry Raj Pabla "A Long Drive"
"Bananas and Beggars"
"Saturday Morning at McDonald's"
Sept 26 Laurie Kallis Emily Mak "Cold"
"Last Stop"
Sept 19 Laurie Kallis Erica May Farazi "Puffer"
Sept 12 Laurie Kallis Sue Bracken

"Dog Gettin'"
"Section Twenty-One"

Sept 3 Virginia Ashberry Raj Pabla “Crossing the Ganges”
“Rickshaw Ride”
Aug 21 Laurie Kallis Karina Cotran "Silent Lesson"
"The Upgrade"
"Pool Party"
"Unheard Eulogy"
Aug 15 Laurie Kallis Beshaier Hamde "Crush"
Aug 6 Virginia Ashberry Suzanne Ponikowski "LTD"
"Old Rules of the Thrasher Scene"
"Police Story"
July 24 Laurie Kallis Janine Carter "How to Throw"
"Really Important"
July 9 Laurie Kallis Larissa Fleurette "Not Still Me"
July 2 Virginia Ashberry Annie Ng "Final Exam"
June 12 Laurie Kallis Caroline Wade "Christina"
"A Casket and a Priest"
"A Bad Trip"
June 4 Virginia Ashberry Annie Ng "Want Ads"
May 21 Laurie Kallis Aubrey Keay "Astra"
May 14 Laurie Kallis Larissa Crawley "Jesus Christ"
May 7 Virginia Ashberry Jillian McKelvey "Joan"
Apr 31 John Currie Brandon Kimmel "Grandma's Feathery Grenades and Organic Applies"
      Shane Driver "Trash and Life"
Apr 28 John Currie Natasha Hartono

"Rain Dance"

      Nicholas Zahra "Weeds"
Apr 3 Virginia Ashberry Jillian McKelvey "Barbara"
Mar 28 Laurie Kallis Zili Wang "Territory"
"Parasite Crisis"
Mar 21 Laurie Kallis Kinsey Yangxue Zhang "Bus Ride"
"Summer Job"
Mar 12 Laurie Kallis Tian Tian Wu "Missing"
"Off-White Cotton Dress"
I'm Fine"
Mar 8 Virginia Ashberry Jillian McKelvey "Take Me Home, Country Roads"
"About Time"
"The Black Penis"
Feb 12 Laurie Kallis Caleb Davis "Family Night"
"Life Sentence"
"Valentine's Day Baby"
      Jayson San Miguel "Wish"
Feb 6 Virginia Ashberry Adam Giles


Jan 31 Laurie Kallis William Vrbensky "Journey"
Jan 23 John Dunford Kau Makuei

"My Friend's Girlfriend"
"Binti Kiziwi"


Jan 8 Virginia Ashberry Adam Giles

"Five Dollar Rebate"
"Jack Brown"