life rattle show no. 1340

Presented on thursday, may 7, 2015


hosted by Virginia ashberry



by Jillian McKelvey





tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1340 features three classic stories from Life Rattle writer Jillian Mckelvey.

Jillian McKelvey was born the youngest of three daughters in Winnipeg in 1952. She grew up in Winnipeg then moved with her family to Vancouver when she was a teenager, before returning to Winnipeg to attend university. She married at 23, and two years later moved with her husband from Winnipeg to Mississauga just 3 weeks after adopting their son. We heard about those events in McKelvey’s stories last month. Jill McKelvey has written a whole series about her family’s experience of adoption, and we’re going to listen to the last 3 of 5 stories on that subject tonight.

Tonight's program features the last three of five stories Jill McKelvey has written on the subject of adoption.

In "Joan" and "Elsie," Mckelvey shares some of her experiences with what must be the most frustratingly common insults adoptees and their families endure. McKelvey’s graceful strength shines through her calm, appropriate responses. She gets it just right – every time.

In "Elena," McKelvey describes meeting the birth mother of her third child. The honesty, brevity and sensitivity of her recounting will leave you with a new and satisfying understanding of difficult choices.

Please Note: Tonight's story contains language that some listeners may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.