life rattle show no. 1351

Presented on thursday, september 3, 2015


hosted by virginia ashberry


"Crossing the Ganges"
"Rickshaw Ride"
by Raj Pabla




tonight's Show

Tonight's program features two classic stories by Raj Pabla.

Raj Pabla was born the third of four children in Toronto in 1982. The Pabla family moved to Brampton where Raj completed her high school before starting at the University of Toronto. She completed her first year at the downtown campus then switched to the Mississauga campus for her subsequent three years, then went on to medical school.

The two stories we are going to hear tonight form part of a series by Pabla about a six-week family visit, in the summer of 2002, to India where the narrator’s parents were born. Through her direct presentation, effective use of sensual detail and subtle humour Pabla paints a vivid portrait of a strange yet compelling and beautiful place, and the different perceptions of parents and children to the setting .