life rattle show no. 1354

Presented on saturday, september 26, 2015


hosted by Laurie Kallis


"Last Stop"
by Emily Mak




tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1354 features three stories from new Life Rattle writer Emily Mak.

Emily Mak was born in 1995 in Hong Kong. She immigrated to Canada with her parents and her sister in 1997. Emily grew up in the GTA and remains strongly in touch with her Chinese heritage. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree while pursuing writing as a hobby. She likes to draw and bake. She also likes taking long walks, making breakfast in the morning, and watching horror movies. Emily Mak hopes to keep herself as happy as possible.

Emily Mak writes like an old soul from a youthful perspective, fusing sophistication with innocence, and fine writing with simplicity.

"Cold" makes me want to be a child again. To talk your way out of school and cuddle under the blankets on a frosty morning—just for a little while longer—sounds like paradise in this delicate portrayal of the relationship between a young girl and her mother.

"Faces"presents a glum image of the supposed golden years. A long-suffering wife laments her lot in life, beneath the watchful eyes of her husband’s excessive collection of toy figurines.

"Last Stop" set in Hong Kong, contemplates life, and randomness, from the youthful viewpoint of two young women.