life rattle show no. 1348

Presented on thursday, August 6, 2015


hosted by virginia ashberry



"Old Rules of the Thrasher Scene"
"Police Story"
by Suzanne Ponikowski



tonight's Show

This month's Classic Show brings three stories from Suzanne Ponikowski.

These are very old stories, from the first years of Life Rattle Radio, so this is a real treat. We have rescued these stories from our archived cassette tapes and digitized them, however their quality may not be consistent.

We do not have any biographical information for tonight's writer. We are hoping that Suzanne Ponikowski will get in touch when she discovers herself on our podcast, so we can add her information to our website. We always like to hear from Life Rattle Alumnae.

The three stories you will hear tonight are about youthful experiences in and around the “Thrasher Scene,” circa 1980’s in Toronto. It will be either a walk down memory lane for some, or an explanation of some strange pictures your parents may have hidden away.

If you are into leather (and who isn’t), and your body still aches from diving off the stage (hoping your friends will catch you) and head banging, then listen in to Ponikowski’s sharp, observant prose about very wild, very fun times. You will appreciate Ponikowski’s sharp, observant and irreverent assessment of this dynamic and youthful scene.

Tonight's first story, “LTD,” appeared in the collection No More Masterpieces.

Please Note: Tonight's stories contain language and situations that some listeners may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.