life rattle show no. 1335

Presented on SATURDAY, March 21, 2015


hosted by laurie kallis



"Bus Ride"
"Summer Job"
by Kinsey Yangxue Zhang



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1335 features three stories by Kinsey Yangxue Zhang.

Kinsey Yangxue Zhang was born 1993 in China. She was born on a sunny, snowy day, hence her name, which means “sunshine” and “snow.” Growing up with busy parents, Kinsey spent most of her time reading, from comics to fairytales and then to fiction. Books were and still are her best friends. She moved out to an international boarding school at age fifteen. Being away from home has taught her to be stronger and more independent. Kinsey’s passion for reading and movies has motivated her to be someone who documents stories and collects beautiful moments of life. In 2011, Kinsey moved to Canada, where she pursued studies in cinema and visual art. Kinsey Yangxue Zhang will follow her dream to Japan this year, where she will attend film school.

Kinsey Yangxue Zhang posesses a gift to precisely capture unexpected moments and feelings in an absolutely original manner—moments that we might not recall or might overlook in day-to-day life—yet, when Kinsey describes them, you are left awestruck by how profoundly true these moments are, the perfection of her portrayal, and by the honesty and self-awareness in what she divulges.

Although the three stories we will hear tonight each have very different subject matter, the artistry of Kinsey’s reading and the distinct personality of the narrator featured in all three beautifully links them.

"Bus Ride," a light-hearted tale of young infatuation and all of the awkwardness and timidity and joy it inspires, will charm you, no matter how hard you resist.

"Summer Job" follows our young narrator to Northern Ontario, where her cousin has secured her a summer job. Aghast at the emptiness of the land and her unexpected workplace, she longs for home, until she discovers some unexpected benefits.

"Vein" reveals another side of our narrator when we accompany her and her mother on a hospital visit they pay to her ailing grandfather. Within the deep sorrow of this story rise moments of beauty and truth that leave us illuminated, as well as tearstruck.