life rattle show no. 1343

Presented on thursday, june 4, 2015


hosted by Virginia Ashberry



"Want Ads"
by Annie Ng




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Life Rattle Number 1343 features one classic story from Annie Ng.

Annie Ng was born in 1967 in Toronto, the youngest of four. Ng’s father immigrated to Toronto from Hong Kong in 1954, leaving his mother, wife and three young sons behind until 1965 when the family united. Annie went to school and grew up in downtown Toronto. She began studying science at the University of Toronto in 1986, but felt unprepared for university. She left school in the middle of her second year and found work as a government file clerk. Ng married in 1989, spent three years in an abusive relationship before getting out and returning to university in 1992. This time she moved away from the sciences toward writing and studying psychoanalytic thought. Annie Ng graduated in 1997 and went on to pursue a master's degree.

"Want Ads" deals with a young woman’s clash with traditional Chinese expectations from her family about who she should marry and her values as a young woman raised and educated in Canada.

With some humour, a little anger, and a lot of honesty, Ng describes through her own family experience, the difference between east and west when approaching marriage. As always in these issues, there is no right or wrong. But there is always a very good story.