life rattle show no. 1328

Presented on THURSDAY, January 8, 2015


hosted by virginia ashberry



"Five Dollar Rebate"
"Jack Brown"

by Adam Giles



tonight's Show

This month's Classic Show, Life Rattle No. 1328, brings you three stories by long time contributor, Adam Giles.

Adam Giles has been a frequent contributor to Life Rattle since he first appeared on the program in June of 2001. In 2006 he took on the role of ocassional Producer when this show was aired on Ryerson’s radio station, CKLN, 88.1 FM.

Giles was born the older of two boys in 1978, in Mississauga where he grew up. He completed his fifth year at University of Toronto at Mississauga, where he served as editor-in-chief for the campus newspaper. He went on to earn a post-graduate diploma in Journalism and New Media. Giles has written for the web, for several print publications, for CTV Newsnet and read his short story “Christine” on CBC Radio One.

Adam Giles is one of our truly Classic Life Rattle writers. He brings us every-day situations, but with a clarity and brevity that take us right into the room with him. The Life Rattle style is often about what is “left out”…that part of the story and scene that is not fed to us, or interpreted for us, but rather, inspired by what we are told. Giles’ writing is a prime example of the beauty of this style. We get all we need to know, with strong sparse dialogue and visuals that keep us in the scene without dominating our perception. We are free to associate our own experiences through his.

The three stories you will hear on this podcast are seemingly simple, but take us far into moments of complexity in the back story that is inferred.