life rattle show no. 1355

Presented on thursday, october 1, 2015


hosted by virginia ashberry


"A Long Driver"
"Bananas and Beggars"
"Saturday Morning at McDonald's"
by Raj Pabla



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1355 features three classic stories from Life Rattle writer Raj Pabla.

Raj Pabla was born the third of four children in Toronto in 1982. The Pabla family moved to Brampton where Raj completed her high school before starting at the University of Toronto. She completed her first year at the downtown campus then switched to the Mississauga campus for her subsequent three years, then went on to medical school.

On this month’s Classic show, Pabla continues her six-week family visit to India where her parents were born. Our narrator observes, from a position of privilege, the diversity and inequality of the “homeland” with humour and compassion. Then, back to Canada and a Mc-Job that brings her smack back to harsh realities here at home.

Please Note: Tonight's stories contain language and situations that some listeners may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.