life rattle show no. 1341

Presented on thursday, May 14, 2015


hosted by laurie kallis



"Jesus Christ"
by Larissa Crawley




tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1341 features an atypical Mother's Day story by new writer Larissa Crawley.

Larissa Crawley was born in 1994 in Brampton, Ontario. She is of Ukrainian and Irish descent. Her mother, Oksanna, a retired teacher, is a visual artist who loves the theatre. Her father, Brendan, works in media relations and loves sports. Larissa is an actress, singer, writer and Netflix addict. She enjoys watching and creating theatre and has loved to perform on stage since her first ballet recital when she four years old. She danced to Aladdin’s “I Can Show You The World.” Larissa Crawley hopes one day to write, direct, produce and act in television sitcoms.

We first featured Larissa Crawley on Life Rattle No. 1318, last October. In her story "The Ham" we met the characters Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve.

As we promised you then, we saved one spectacular, yet extremely unsettling story, featuring Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve for Mother’s Day. Although the setting for tonight’s story is a Mother’s Day brunch, this story is not your standard Mother’s Day fare.

As always, a wealth of vitality and humour fuels Larissa’s prose. But the humour in this story is barbed. Though the narrator’s sharp observations and the vivid dialogue that takes place around the brunch table will elicit a laugh, it is the type of laugh that is followed by or rolled in with an “Oh, my God” expression of disbelief as you listen, horrified, to the unravelling of this family gathering.

Prepare yourself. This story is not about chocolates and flowers. But it is brilliant and honest.

Please Note: Tonight's story contains language and situations suitable for a mature audience. Listener discretion is advised.