life rattle show no. 1318

Presented on THURSDAY, october 9, 2014


hosted by laurie kallis


"The Ham"
"Memory Foam"

by Larissa Crawley



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1318 features two stories by new Life Rattle Writer
Larissa Crawley.

Larissa Crawley was born in 1994 in Brampton, Ontario. She is of Ukrainian and Irish descent. Her mother, Oksanna, a visual artist, is a retired teacher who loves the theatre. Her father, Brendan, works in media relations and loves sports.
Larissa is an actress, singer, writer and Netflix addict. She has loved to perform on stage since her first ballet recital when she four years old and danced to Aladdin’s “I Can Show You The World.” Although she enjoys watching and creating theatre, Larissa Crawley hopes one day to write, direct, produce and act in television sitcoms.

A wealth of vitality and humour fuels Larissa’s prose. Even in situations that hold a darker edge, her writing delivers sparkling energy.

"The Ham," gathers us around the table at a family Thanksgiving dinner—a family so full of lively characters that I don’t see how simple walls can contain them.
But really, Thanksgiving simply serves as the setting that Larissa employs to have us consider the awkwardness that arises when a young member of a white Canadian family who is dating a black Jamaican man is quizzed about “matters of the heart.”

"Memory Foam" introduces us to our narrator’s flame, the man who brought silence to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. This story, so full of fun and humour, will begin your long weekend with a shot of good spirits.

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