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Presented on SATURDAY, January 31, 2015






by William Vrbensky



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Life Rattle No. 1330, features new Life Rattle writer William Vrbensky.

William Vrbensky was born in 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, to his Slovakian father and Italian mother. He has lived in Oakville, Ontario, his entire life and moved once just down the road into a bigger home. William loves to follow and play hockey, basketball, and baseball and occasionally enjoys binge watching TV shows like his personal favourite, Breaking Bad.

Apart from writing, William Vrbensky enjoys the study of commerce and the challenge of finding ways to better businesses through the adoption of technology. He aspires to, one day, follow in the footsteps of his father and become a successful entrepreneur.

"Journey" brings us to the heart of what many consider a central component of our Canadian identity—the game of hockey. The brilliant depiction of a boy’s passion and dedication to the sport will arouse a sense of national pride, even in those who don’t follow the game.

Using deceptively simple writing, with just enough hockey lingo to add flavour, this story immerses us in the mind a fourteen-year-old whose world centres on being the best player he can be. His discipline and focus, and the support of his parents, reveals the deep underpinnings of Canada’s national obsession.