1998 Life Rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays at 9 p.m.
Jan 4 #504   Peggy Bristow   "Women From Bathsheba"
Jan 11 #505   Minh Van Truong   "Escape from Viet Nam"
"Lonely World"
Jan 18 #506   Pam Sealey   "Gordon and Cupid"
"Holy Union"
Jan 25 #507   Kim Allison   "Delta Chelsea"
Feb 1 #508   Emilio Sinopoli   "The Hole" read by Hauk Masterson
"The Power of Love" read by Hauk Masterson
Feb 8 #509   Denny Hunte   "The Barber Shop" Part one. Read by Terence Saunders
Feb 17 #510   Denny Hunte   "The Barber Shop" Part two. Read by Terence Saunders
Feb 22 #511   Denny Hunte   "The Barber Shop" Part three. Read by Terence Saunders
Mar 1 #512   Denny Hunte   "The Barber Shop" Part four. Read by Terence Saunders
      Stanley Teclaw   "The Sandwich"
"The Fight"
Mar 15 #513   Stanley Teclaw   "Pam Pam's"
"The System"
      Jennifer Lee   "Derrick"
Mar 22 #514   Jennifer Lee   "Walking a Gnu on Bloor Street"
      Lori Chown   "Faux Pas"
Mar 29 #515   Lori Chown   "Ontario Street"
Apr 5 #516   Lori Chown   "Dream"
"The Purple Bag"
Apr 12 #517   Lisa E.   "Who Ate the Cheese"
"The Kilt"
"The Washing Machine"
Apr 19 #518   Lisa E.   "Next at the Breast Clinic"
      Jennifer Lee   "The Red-brick Path
Apr 26 #519   Jennifer Lee   "Chinese Christmas"
      Nelson Cordeiro   "Is It Over Yet?"
May 3 #520   Melisa Da Vinci   "My Mom and Bramalea"
"Work and Family"
"Returning to School"
May 10 #521   Andrea Mallon   "Winterpeg"
      Mary Caroll   "The Roti Shop"
May 17 #522   Nancy Chong   "The Silver Spoon"
"Warrior Woman"
"The Story Teller"
May 24 #523   Cynthia Campbell   "The Velvet Trap"
"Bath Time"
"Cache Lake"
May 31 #524   Bob Osborne   "The Fish"
"Across the Street"
June 6 #525   Bob Osborne   "The Boy"
"Why Did He Say That?"
June 14 #526   Denise Clarke   "Country Road"
June 21 #527   Denise Clarke   "Waves Against Rocks"
"The Big Truck"
June 28 #528   Lisa Iaboni   "In Between"
"Mixed Marriage"
July 5 #529   Lisa Iaboni   "Grammy"
"White Wine"
July 12 #530   Peter Palladini   "Cell Phone"
"The Question, The Surprise"
"Joe's Donuts"
"Joe's Donuts Continued"
July 19 #531   Peter Palladini   "The Bus Ride"
"The Holding Cell"
"The Coat Hanger"
July 26 #532   Bernice Clarke   "Broken Heart"
"Duval and the Duppies"
"When the Knife Turned Red"
"Moom and Poom"
Aug 2 #533   Sarah Hill   "I Love You"
      Patrick Walker   "Thunder Run"
      Jeremie Lacsina   "Love, Kindness and Respect"
Aug 9 #534   Katarina Pavlovic   "Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned"
"Escape to Woodchester"
Aug 16 #535   Judith Sayers   "Tuned Out"
"To the Man in Montana's Parking Lot"
      Mary Carroll   "Bill"
"My Son"
Aug 23 #536   Mary Carroll   "Mr. Bruno"
"My Computer"
"My Christmas Gift"
Aug 30 #537   Donna McFarlane   Excerpts from Division of Surgery read by Dixie Seatle
Sept 6 #538   Gillian McIntyre   "Ian"
Sept 13 #539   Ian Cooper   "Quod Erat Demonstrandum"
      Darren Smith   "Soft Orange Embers"
Sept 20 #540   Darren Smith   "No Need to Cry"
"Way Cool"
Sept 27 #541   Sapna Jain   "Cowboy Boots"
Oct 4 #542   Sapna Jain   "Weak"
Oct 11 #543   Sapna Jain   "Unconnected"
      Laurie Kallis   "The Library"
"Willy Lavigne"
Oct 18 #544   Laurie Kallis   "Bow and Arrow"
      John Currie   "Mortal Fear"
Nov 1 #546   Candace Davies   "The Deer"
"Chicken Thieves"
Nov 8 #547   Susan Olding   "Pathology" Part One.
Nov 15 #548   Susan Olding   "Pathology" Conclusion.
Nov 22 #549   Isabel MacIntyre   "The Cook and the Lady"
"Blueberry Pie"
Nov 29 #550   Evelyn Lin   "The Beginning"
"Broomsticks and Briefs"
Dec 6 #551   Jessica Marasovic   "The Beginning"
"Saturday Night"
Dec 13 #552   Jessica Marasovic   "The Braid"
"The Sunrise"
Dec 20 #553   Jessica Marasovic   "The Euchre Game"
"The Donut Shop"
Dec 27 #554   Emilio Sinopoli   "The Hole" read by Hauk Masterson
"The Toughest Job" read by Hauk Masterson
Dec 31 #555   Kwanza Msingwana   "Don't Let Me Perish a Stranger" Part one.