1997 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays at 9 p.m.
Jan 5 #456   Nada Macesic   "29 Carnation Avenue" "Bologna & Green Peppers"
"Christmas in January: Part one"
Jan 12 #457   Nada Macesic  

"Christmas in January: Part two"

Jan 19 #458   Nada Macesic   "Co-op Coinwash"
      Alan Woo    

"New Crest Gel"

Jan 26 #459    Joyce Ong   "The Boat" "Leaving"
Feb 2 #460   Kelly Thompson    "Indian Summer" "Through a Crack in the Door" "The Lord and the Lady"
Feb 9 #461    Kelly Thompson   "The Regatta" "Mashed Potatoes"
Feb 16 #462   Denise Clarke    "No Chimney"
      Denny Hunte   "Going to the Airport"
Feb 23 #463   Kelly Thompson   "Mashed Potatoes" "I’ll Always Be Your Little Girl"
Mar 2 #464     Joyce Ong   "Beijing 1953"  "The City"
Mar 9 #465   Joyce Ong   "Apology" "Loudspeakers"
Mar 16 #466   Dorothy Forbes   "Tea and Cakes and Freedom"
Mar 22 #467   Dorothy Forbes   "Innocent Beginning"
Mar 30 #468   Jacqui Budd   "Promise You’ll Never Leave Me"
Apr 6 #469   Candace Davis   "The Deer" "Spotty" "Chicken Thieves"
Apr 13 #470   Candace Davis   "Lost and Found" "Stormy"
Apr 20 #471   Candace Davis   "The Fur Business"
Apr 27 #472   Candace Davis   "The Unseen Kitten"  "Kramer"
May 4 #473   Dave Martin   "Family Food Fights" "Bricks and Stones" "HMCS Annapolis" "Square Dancing"
May 11 #474   Dave Martin   "South Side" "Shoestring" "Emilio"
May 18 #475   Cynthia Campbell   "Albert’s Story"
May 25 #476   Cynthia Campbell   "Sudbury"
June 1 #477   Patrick Walker   "The DMZ" "Operation Just Cause"
June 8 #478   Patrick Walker   "The Woman who Died with God" "In the Army Now"
June 15 #479   Nancy Chong   "Talk Story" "The Needle Has no Hole"
June 22 #480   Donna McFarlane   "Summer" Excerpt from Division of Surgery
July 6 #481   Larisa de Zayas   "Mrs Harding and the Truth" "Jason" "The Game"
July 13 #482   Larisa de Zayas   "Beta Club" "God Telephone"
July 20 #483   Larisa de Zayas   "Learn to Argue" "My Left Arm"
Aug 3 #484   Jane Gilman (pseud)   "You Catch More Flies with Honey" "Mom: Part one"
Aug 17 #485   Jane Gilman (pseud)   "Mom: Part two"
Aug 24 #486   Evelyn Lin (pseud)   "The Beginning" "Broomsticks and Briefs"
Aug 31 #487   Evelyn Lin (pseud)   "Bob"
Sept 7 #488   Evelyn Lin (pseud)   "Daniel" "Don’t Touch My Stuff"
Sept 14 #489   Tricia Ralphe   "Feeding Dawn" "Morning"
      Bernice Clarke   "Broken Heart"
Sept 21 #490   Bernice Clarke   "Duval and the Duppies" "When the Knife Turned Red" "Moom and Poom"
Sept 28 #491   John Currie   "King" "The Silent Treatment" "Mortal Fear"
Oct 5 #492   Laurie Kallis   "Willy Lavigne" "The Library" "Beausoleil Island" "Bow and Arrow"
Oct 12 #493   Denny Hunte   "The Home Visit"
Oct 19 #494       Fundfest '97
Nov 2 #495   Evelyn Lin (pseud)   "Skeeter’s Funeral"
Nov 9 #496   Arnold Cordeiro   "The Harambee" "The Watchman"
Nov 16 #497   Lisa Wiggins   "Martyrs and Saints"
Nov 23 #498   Lisa Wiggins   "Joyride"  "Different"
Nov 30 #499   Lisa Wiggins   "A Valentine Adventure" "The Pink Hibiscus"
Dec 7 #500   Nelida Boucher Miceli   "I Won’t"
      Kwai Li   "Reunion With My Brother"
Dec 14 #501   Nancy Chong   "Christmas Turkey"
Dec 21 #502   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ Kids, It’s Christmas! Part one"
Dec 28 #503   Kwai Li   "My Roof Terrace"  "Shamilla"