2005 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays 9 p.m.

Jan 2 #861   Huamei Han   "Transfer"
Jan 9 #862   Natasha Sigalov   "Gluebag Dave"
"Are You Sitting Down?"
Jan 16 #863   Natasha Sigalov   "Children"
      Huamei Han   "Grandma"
Jan 23 #864   Natasha Sigalov   "A Severe and Bothersome Cough"
Jan 30 #865   Natasha Sigalov   "Smilie"
"Under the Evergreen Roof"
"Doing It"
Feb 6 #866   Natasha Sigalov   "Children"
"A Sacrifice for Satan"
"Grange Park"
Feb 13 #867   Eloi Minka   "Operation Renewal"
Feb 20 #868   Eloi Minka   "The Misty Trail" Part one
Feb 27 #869   Eloi Minka   "The Mistry Trail" Conclusion
Mar 6 #870   Teresa Coome   "In the Name of the Father, Mother and Grandmother Grace"
Mar 13 #871   Victoria Martinez   "The Mourning"
Mar 20 #872   John Currie   "The Pub"
Mar 27 #873   Jeanette Hedley   "Sunday Morning"
Apr 3 #874   Jeanette Hedley   "Melanie Dawn"
      Sultan Ameerali   "Inside the Con Game and the Con Man"
Apr 10 #875   Jeanette Hedley   "Babysitting"
"January 17"
Apr 17 #876   Sean Black   "Clown
      Vanessa Mariga   "Lunch With Uncle Clyde"
Apr 24 #877   Mike Faye   "Terry"
"Superman's First Flight"
"The Good Cart"
May 1 #878   Lorraine Robbin   "Dinner at Tom's"
      Renate Kellhammer   "The Last Day's"
May 15 #879   Jeanette Hedley   "Good Friday"
      Elizabeth Clark   "The Day Dad Died"
May 22 #880   Seung Lee   "Closing Doors"
"Kung Fu Guy"
May 29 #881   Jeanette Hedley   "Klausd"
      Clair Dias   "Francois Cloutier's Finger Nails"
June 5 #882   David O'Connor   "Fate By Numbers"
June 12 #883   Virginia Ashberry   "The Chicken Killer"
June 19 #884   Tyler Pearce   "Walking on Harbord"
"Cleaning the Bathroom"
June 26 #885   Eloi Minka   "My Father's Son"
July 3 #886   Nikolas Delic   "Fireworks"
      Vanessa Mungal   "The Pigeon Stalker"
July 10 #887   Tyler Pearce   "Visiting Stephen"
      Sultan Ameerali   "Emasculated by an Eighty-Year-Old Woman"
July 17 #888   Robert Osborne   "The Fish"
"The Boy"
July 24 #889   Marie Margie   "The Harvest"
July 31 #890   Jessica Marasovic   "The Hangover: Four Rounds and a Knockout"
Aug 7 #891   Denny Hunte   "The Tamarind Tree"
Aug 14 #892   Martha Kofie   "Kwame"
"Testing, Testing"
Aug 21 #893   Vaia Barkas   "How to Skin a Quillhog"
Aug 28 #894   Elizabeth Clark   "Chris or College"
Sept 4 #895   Laurie Kallis   "August Third: A Friday Night at Tusk Gallery"
Sept 11 #896   Laurie Kallis   "August Tenth: Another Friday Night at Tusk Gallery"
Sept 18 #897   Natasha Sigalov   "Little Sue and the Brown and Blue Flower Print Curtain"
"Where Are You Now Daniel Ross"
Sept 25 #898   Victoria Martinez   "Fifty Dollars a Night"
Oct 2 #899   Arnie Achtman   "Sub" Part one
Oct 9 #900   Arnie Achtman   "Sub" Part two
Oct 16 #901   Kitty Molefe   "Student Demo"
Nov 6 #902   Bernard Robinson   "No More Baseball"
"Inside the Bottle"
"Brotherly Love"
"Just Like Me"
Nov 13 #903   Adam Giles   "Leslie"
Nov 20 #904   Huamei Han   "Yang's Love"
Nov 27 #905   Juan Alas   "My Brother's Death"
Dec 4 #906   Janine Burigana  

"Jesus Christ, Kid's, It's Christmas" Part one


Dec 11 #907   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kid's, It's Christmas" Part two
Dec 18 #908   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kid's, It's Christmas" Part three
Dec 25 #909   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kid's, It's Christmas" Conclusion