1995 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays at 9 p.m.
Jan 1 #354   Arnold Cordeiro   "The Police Station"
      Kim Allison   "Whip"
Jan 8 #355   Aline Burke   "Terre de Cain Vignettes"
Jan 15 #356   Christine Leskovar   "Picture Day" read by Pauline Stanley
"Mr. Muggs" read by Pauline Stanley
"Cougar Boots" read by Pauline Stanley
"The Graduation Dance" read by Pauline Stanley
Jan 22 #357   Christine Leskovar   "The Graduation Dance" read by Pauline Stanley
"Catchism Class" read by Pauline Stanley
Jan 29 #358   Christine Leskovar   "Dancing in the Afternoon" read by Pauline Stanley
"Oranges, Tissue Paper and the Pope" read by Pauline Stanley
Feb 5 #359   Martha Kofie   "Kwame"
Feb 12 #360   Denny Hunte   "The Immigration Papers"
Feb 19 #361   Denny Hunte   "Going to the Airport"
Feb 26 #362   Denny Hunte   "The French Lesson"
"My Departure for Canada"
Mar 5 #363   Aphrodite Sahlas   "An Orange and a Kiss"
"My Secret Identity"
"Room 211"
Mar 12 #364   Aphrodite Sahlas   "The Other Side of the Fence"
"A Satanic Street Kid"
Mar 19 #365   Aphrodite Sahlas   "Matt"
"Rendez-vous in Montreal"
Mar 26 #366   Aphrodite Sahlas   "Oakie"
Apr 2 #367   Andrea Davis   "Midnight Visits"
"Tune Sandwiches"
"My First Job" Part One.
Apr 9 #368   Andrea Davis   "My First Job" Conclusion.
"Locked Out"
Apr 16 #369   Bob Osborne   "The Fish"
      Vic Gaikeseyongai   "Muskellunge"
Apr 23 #370   Liz Herlich   "Witness"
Apr 30 #371   Traci Wiggins   "Teaching ESL"
May 7 #372   Leila Razvi   "Toronto the Meeting Place"
"Do We Have To?"
"Family Revisited"
May 14 #373   Leila Razvi   "Time Will Tell"
"Summer of Pain"
May 21 #374   Leila Razvi   "Forget That Half"
"Or Forever Hold My Peace"
May 28 #375   Cynthia Campbell   "Lake Napewan"
      Liz Herlich   "The Box"
June 4 #376   Katherine McDermott   "911"
"What a Good Friend"
June 18 #378   Joanne de Repentigny   "Eating Etiquette"
"Cedar Shingled Cottage"
"This Isn't Fun Anymore"
"Welcoming Committee"
June 25 #379   Joanne de Repentigny   "Everyone's a Comic"
"Prove It"
"A Change of Pace"
July 2 #380   Denise Clarke   "Country Road"
July 9 #381   Denise Clarke   "No Chimney"
July 23 #383   Bob Osborne   "Across the Street"
Aug 6 #384   Bob Osborne   "The Boy"
"Why Did He Say That"
Aug 20 #386   Denny Hunte   "Going to the Airport"
Aug 27 #387   Peggy Bristow   "Women at Bathsheba"
Sept 3 #388   Denny Hunte   "The Barbershop" Part One.
Sept 10 #389   Louis Pang   "Lullabye" read by Guy Allen
"Tawau" read by Guy Allen
Sept 17 #390   Pam Sealy   "Gordon and Cupid"
"Holy Union"
Sept 24 #391   Patrick Walker   "The DMZ"
      Robert Taylor   "Steve" read by Guy Allen
Oct 1 #392   Robert Taylor   "Laid Off" read by Guy Allen
      Denise Clarke   "Good Friday"
Oct 8 #393   Denny Hunte   "The Barber Shop" Part Two.
Oct 15 #394   Rahila Qureshi   "Time Will Tell"
      Stanley Gerard   "Angels Soaring Into Heaven"
Nov 5 #396   Tamsin Dollin   "Carving"
"The Call"
Nov 12 #397   Tamsin Dollin   "The Fancy Waiter"
"The Voice"
      Wendy Thatcher   "Women and Beer"
Nov 19 #398   Raven Rowanchilde   "Nick"
"Performance Anxiety"
Nov 26 #399   Raven Rowanchilde   "Penis Envy"
Dec 3 #400   Denise Clarke   "The Big Truck"
"Waves Against Rocks"
Dec 10 #401   Nancy Chong   "Christmas Turkey"
Dec 17 #402   Susan Neumann   "Passion and Dividing Lines"
Dec 24 #403   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas"
Dec 31 #404   Susan Neumann   "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"