2008 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays 9 p.m.

Jan 6 #1013   Victoria Martinez   "New Year's Eve 1959'
      Sultan Ameerali   "You Got A Hairy Back"
Jan 13 #1014   Virginia Ashberry   "Passages"
"The Visit"
Jan 20 #1015   Rachel Sa   "Reading Week"
"The Hockey Team"
Jan 27 #1016   Rachel Sa   "Family Dinner"
"The Tissue"
Feb 3 #1017   Eloi Minka   "My Father's Son"
Feb 10 #1018   Kitty Molefe   "Lisedi"
Feb 17 #1019   Denny Hunte   "Tamarind Tree"
Feb 24         No Program - Pre-empted
Mar 2 #1020   Seung Lee   "Reincarnation"
      Denny Hunte   "The Home Visit"
Mar 9 #1021   Vanessa Mariga   "Culture Clash"
"Lunch With Uncle Clyde"
"The Colour of Time"
Mar 16 #1022   Greg Shupak   "Give and Take"
      Kimberly Butler   "What Happened to Terry"
Mar 23 #1023   Sarah Ward   "My First Boyfriend"
"My Last Confession"
Mar 30 #1024   Sarah Ward   "Father"
Apr 6 #1025   Valerie Campbell   "Busta Manatee"
Apr 13 #1026   Annie Ng   "Final Exam"
      Arnie Acthman   "Swimming in Mud"
Apr 20 #1027   Annie Ng   "Want Ads"
Apr 27 #1028   Mike Faye   "First Day"
"Truly, Genuinely Concerned"
May 4 #1029   Lorainne Robin   "Lessons With Nanna"
      Terri Bocz   "Grandma"
May 11 #1030   Nancy Chong   "My Mother: One"
"My Mother: Two"
"Warrior Woman"
May 18 #1031   Maria Nguyen   "Home"
"Precious Moments"
      Vanessa Mungal   "Pigeon Stalker"
May 25 #1032   Mike Faye   "Stoker"
June 1 #1033   Mike Faye   "Matt"
"The Blower Incident:
June 8 #1034   Gloria Ramirez   "One Sunday Night"
"Two Days, Two Jobs"
June 15 #1035   Christine Zobniw   "Engagement"
      Damian Mangat   "Brighton"
June 22 #1036   Elizabeth Clarke   "The Stone Quarry Secrets"
June 29 #1037   Rahul Sethi   "Shit Water"
"The King's Beloved"
July 6 #1038   Sean Black   "Tom and the Triples"
July 20 #1039   Nikola Delic   "The Conversation"
July 27 #1040   Salwa Qadir   "Jasmines"
      Natasha Sigalov   "Under the Evergreen Roof"
Aug 10 #1041   Rosa Veltri   "A Heater and a Fan"
Aug 17 #1042   Amal Karaman   "It's So Hot"
      Sarah Kokhar   "Rouge Rhumba"
      Janice Newton   "In Pencil Lightly"
Aug 24 #1043   Yun Ma   "You Wouldn't Be Interested"
      Adam Giles   "Jack Brown"
Aug 31 #1044   Jennifer Sipos-Smith   "Parenthood"
      Nelson Rosales   "Mama Chela"
Sept 7 #1045   Jennifer Sipos-Smith   "Nana at the Piano"
      Teresa Coome   "In the Name Of the Father, the Mother and Grandmother Grace"
Sept 14 #1046   Robert Osborne   "Across the Street"
      Virginia Ashberry   "Heat"
Sept 21 #1047   Kwai Li   "Visiting Relatives"
      Jennifer Lee   "Beijing Heat"
Sept 28 #1048   Seung Lee   "Home Visit"
      Denny Hunte   "Home Visit"
Oct 5 #1049   Geoff Thomas   "From a Mountain Top"
"Irish Tears"
Oct 12 #1050   Vic Gaykesheyongai   "Muskellunge"
"Buckeroo Bez and the Escape of the City of Lost Cause"
Oct 19 #1051   Michal Majernik   "Hunger"
Oct 26 #1052   Bernard Robinson   "No More Baseball"
"Inside the Bottle"
"Not Listening"
"Brotherly Love"
"No Problem"
Nov 2 #1053   Jill McKelvey   "Country Roads Take Me Home"
"The Black Penis"
Nov 9 #1054   Anna Berenthal   "Gig"
      Virginia Ashberry   "Dinner and a Movie"
Nov 16 #1055   Rachel Sa   "Family Dinner"
"The Tissue"
Nov 23 #1056   Bayan Khatib   "My Two Worlds"
"The Elevator"
Nov 30 #1057   Bayan Khatib   "Night"
"Where Only She Belongs"
"The Missing Pieces"
Dec 7 #1058   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part one
Dec 14 #1059   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part two
Dec 21 #1060   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part three
Dec 28 #1061   Victoria Martinez   "The Mumps"
      Jessica marasovic   "Still Alive"