2007 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays 9 p.m.

Jan 7 #962   Katherine McQuaide   "The Roomate"
Jan 14 #963   Zamerul Neshaw   "The Mango Tree"
      Natasha Sigalov   "Under the Evergreen Roof"
Jan 21 #964   Ingrid Sevels   "Latvian Stories"
Jan 28 #965   Ingrid Sevels   "Driving to the Jani Concert"
"The Flight Home"
Feb 4 #966   Zamerul Neshaw   "Yes I Can Cook on Time"
      Natasha Sigalov   "Dogwater"
Feb 11 #967   Kitty Molefe   "Home"
"Student Demo"
Feb 18 #968   Eloi Minka   "My Father's Son"
Feb 25 #969   Seung Lee   "Colour T.V."
Mar 4 #970   Juan Alas   "St. George"
"Dixie Downs"
Mar 11 #971   Rosa Veltri   "The Bakery"
"Collapsed Bridge"
Mar 18 #972   Geraldine Anderson   "Business and Pleasure"
Mar 25 #973   Jennifer Bechard   "Killing Dinner"
      Sheliza Ibrahim   "The Lamb"
      Albert Bekoe   "The Lord's Supper"
Apr 1 #974   David Penhale   "The Expert"
"The Visit"
Apr 8 #975       Not Available
Apr 15 #976   Bob Osborne   "Across the Street"
      Renate Kellhammer   "The Days"
Apr 22 #977   Mike Faye   "Terry"
"Superman's First Flight"
"The Good Cart"
Apr 29 #978   Mike Faye   "Dan"
"The Number-One Draw-Tite Salesman"
"The Last Day"
May 6 #979   Terri Bocz   "Grandma"
      Lorraine Robbin   "Lessons with Nanna"
May 13 #980   Cheryl Fretz   "Mother"
May 20 #981   Laurie Kallis   "In My Head"
May 27 #982   Nancy Chong   "My Mother, Warrior Woman"
June 3 #983   Rosa Veltri   "A Heater and a Fan"
June 10 #984   Vanessa Mariga   "Ryan and the Glitter Rocker"
June 17 #985   Eloi Minka   "My Father's Son"
June 24 #986   Tyler Pearce   "Walking on Harbord"
"Cleaning the Bathroom"
July 1 #987   Karen Graham   "Saturday Girl"
July 15 #989   Laurie Kallis   "Today"
"Stepping Out"
      Kwai Li   "Visiting Relatives"
July 22 #990   Katherine McQuaid   "Roomate"
July 29 #991   Seung Lee   "Closing Doors"
"Kung Fu Guy"
Aug 5 #992   Beth Jones   "Zapatista Story"
Aug 12 #993   Martha Kofie   "My Soul to Keep"
Aug 19 #994   Martha Kofie   "Ejemba"
"When Goodbye Was Just A Game"
Aug 26 #995   Bayah Khatib   "The Phone Call"
      Taryn George   "The Phone Call"
Sept 2 #996   Tyler Pearce   "Visiting Stephen"
Sept 9 #997   Raj Pabla   "Bananas and Beggars"
"A Long Drive"
"Saturday Morning at McDonald's"
Sept 16 #998   Rahul Sethi   "You and Me and a Carton of Eggs"
"The King's Beloved"
Sept 23 #999   Virginia Ashberry   "Heat"
Sept 30 #1000   Arnie Achtman   "Graduate School"
Oct 7 #1001   Serena Mann   "Fucking South Asians"
"Is the Glass Half Asian or Half Empty"
Oct 14 #1002   Salma Tarikh   "Jamal
      Mandy Lui   "The Plug"
      Sarah Kokhar   "Madame Tremblay"
Oct 28 #1003   Adam Giles   "Five Dollar Rebate"
      Victoria Martinez   "Fifty Dollars a Night"
Nov 2 #1004   Yulie Kim   "T.V. Tables"
"The Store"
"Hye Jung Cha"
      Tayyab Sami Khan   "Fifty Six Days, One Thousand Three Hundred and Forty-Four Hours"
Nov 11 #1005   Renate Kellhammer   "The Day the Bomb Hit Our House"
"The Christmas Angel"
"The Last Days"
Nov 18 #1006   Rosa Veltri   "Guiseppina Florentina" Part one
Nov 25 #1007   Rosa Veltri   "Guiseppina Florentina" Part two
Dec 2 #1008   Sean Black   "Clown Rage"
      Sultan Ameerali   "Night Shift at BK Variety"
Dec 9 #1009   Marie Margis   "The Harvest"
Dec 16 #1010   Jeanette Hedley   "Christmas in Canfield"
      Elizabeth Clark   "Santa and Other Lies"
Dec 23 #1011   Nancy Chong   "Christmas Turkey"
Dec 30 #1012   Penny Noble   "And I laugh"
"Self Analysis"