2010 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays 9 p.m.

Jan 3 #1082   Huamei Han   "Transfer"
Jan 10 #1083   Huamei Han   "Grandma"
Jan 17 #1084   Bob Osborne   "Across the Street"
      Teresa Coome   "Forgotten"
Jan 24 #1085   Elizabeth Clark   "The Stove Pipe Hole"
"Girl's Day Out"
Jan 31 #1086   Sean Black   "Clown Rage"
      Sultan Ameerali   "Night Shift at BK Variety"
Feb 7 #1087   Eloi Minka   "My Father's Son"
Feb 14 #1088   Yanique Bird   "The Kicking Off Stone"
Feb 21 #1089   Martha Kofie   "Ejemba"
Feb 28 #1090   Seung Lee   "Colour T.V."
Mar 7 #1091   Vanessa Mariga   "Lunch With Uncle Clyde"
"The Colour of Time"
Mar 14 #1092   Seung Lee   "Colour T.V."
Mar 21 #1093   Geoff Thomas   "From a Mountain Top"
"The Last Days"
Mar 28 #1094   Hein The Chu   "The Prisoners"
"The Scent of Green Chilies"
Apr 4 #1095   Hein The Chu   "The Escapers"
"An Express Funeral"
Apr 11 #1096   Zamerul Neshaw   "The Mango Tree"
      Nancy Chong   "Talk"
Apr 18 #1097   Kyle Chin   "Hospital Grounds"
"Control Lost Emotions Run"
"Tears From the Understood"
"Moving Forward"
Apr 25 #1098   Erika Baily   "Yan"
May 2 #1099   Cynthia Kao-Johnson   "Equal Opportunity Employer"
      Cheryl Fretz   "How I Became a Teacher"
May 9 #1100   Ruth Schweitzer   "The Bright Lights of Spadina"
"Painting the Wall Green"
May 16 #1101   Hien The Chu   "The Secret of Boat 52-110 Minao"
"Prisoners of Sea"
May 23 #1102   Vaia Barkas   "How To Skin a Quillhog"
May 30 #1103   Mike Faye   "First Day"
"Truly Genuinely Concerned"
June 6 #1104   Mike Faye   "Stoker"
"The Blower Incident"
June 13 #1105   Kwai Li   "A Fish Who Invited Himself to Dinner"
"Reunion With My Brother"
June 20 #1106   Sarah Ward   "Father
      Marie Hoy   "A Taste of Banana"
June 27         Station closed due to G20 Summit Situation.
July 4 #1107   Anna Berenthal   "Gig"
      Rahul Sethi   "Door"
July 11 #1108   Carole Bracco   "Grey Nuns"
July 18 #1109   Raj Pabla   "Crossing the Ganges"
July 25 #1110   Robert Osborne   "Across the Street"
      Renate Kellhammer   "The Last Days"
Aug 1 #1111   Victoria Martinez   "Lizard Stew"
Aug 8 #1112   Elizabeth Clark   "Chris or College"
Aug 15 #1113   Tamara Chandon   "No Previous Experience"
Aug 22 #1114   Tamara Chandon   "Help"
"Such a Sweet Cat"
Aug 29 #1115   Tamara Chandon   "Morgan"
"Abandoned Autopsy"
"Ready for Pickup"
Sept 5 #1116   Jenny Zhou   "Independent and Bound Feet"
Sept 12 #1117   Virginia Ashberry   "The Visit"
"A Walk in the Park"
"Dinner and a Movie"
Sept 19 #1118   Denny Hunte   "The Tamarind Tree"
Sept 26 #1119   Keith Haartman   "You're Doing Great" Part One.
Oct 3 #1120   Kathy Grant  

"The Sixth Cent"
"Pin The Tail"


Oct 10 #1121   Monique Massabki  

"Hare of the Dog"
"Saturday Morning Cartoons"
"Grandma's Quilt"
"Mamère Rosa"

Oct 17 #1122   Claire Saunders   "Norm"
"Something Blue"
"Lemon Soother"
Oct 24 #1123   Fareshta Wardak   "Edrees Afghani Engagement"
"Baba's Job Interview"
"Admission to University of Toronto"
Oct 31 #1124   Andrea Perera   "Aunties"
"Princess Nalini"
      Gary Markle   "The Outhouse"
Nov 7 #1125   Maureen McKenna   "Pink Steel-Toed Shoes"
      Phillip Parsons   "My Last Presentation"
Nov 14 #1126   Maureen McKenna   "Bonnie Jean"
      Nancy Chong   "The Needle Has No Hole"
Nov 21 #1127   FundFest   Including Sultan Ameerali's "Night Shift at B.K. Variety"
Nov 28 #1128   Sultan Ameerali   "Lust on the Nightshift"
"Fast Food Survivors"
Dec 5 #1129   Jill McKelvey   "About Time"
"The Black Penis"
Dec 12 #1130   Virginia Ashberry   "The Visit"
"A Walk in the Park"
"Dinner and a Movie"
Dec 19 #1131   Jeanette Hedley  

"Good Friday"
"Christmas in Canfield"

Dec 26 #1132   Jeanette Hedley   "Christmas in Canfield"
      Elizabeth Clark   "Santa and Other Lies"