2009 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays 9 p.m.

Jan 4 #1062   Sultan Ameerali   "Inside the Con Game and the Con Man"
"Emasculated by an Eight-Year-Old Woman"
Jan 11 #1063   Sultan Ameerali   "Lust on the Night Shift"
"Calling in Sick"
"Garbage Man Selling DuMauriers"
Jan 18 #1064   Rachel Sa   "Duck Hunt at Croc Rock"
Jan 25 #1065   Karina Barbara   "Everything for Pook"
"Retarded Love"
Feb 1 #1066   Isabel McIntyre   "Factory Life"
"Blueberry Pie"
Feb 8 #1067   Eloi Minka   "My Father's Son"
Feb 15 #1068   Valerie Campbell   "Masonic Hall
      Kitty Molefe   "Student Demo"
Feb 22 #1069   Drew Gates   "Monsoon Season"
Mar 1 #1070   Rahul Sethi   "On the Bus"
Mar 8 #1071   Arnie Achtman   "Sub"
Mar 15 - Oct 18       CKLN Closed - No Programs
Oct 25 #1072   Victoria Martinez   "Tony"
Nov 1 #1073   Fuad Ahmed   "Do You Like Me"
"Which Side Are You On?"
Nov 8 #1074   Fuad Ahmed   "Michelle"
      Laurel Waterman   "The Shower"
"Sesame Street"
Nov 15 #1075   Laurel Waterman   "Fire"
      Marie Hoy   "A Taste of Banana"
"The Coal Mine Disaster"
Nov 22 #1076   Drew Gates   "Monsoon Season"
      Natasha Sigalov   "Smilie"
"Doing It"
Nov 29 #1077   Renate Kellhammer   "The Day The Bomb Hit Our House"
"The Christmas Angel"
"The Last Days"
Dec 6 #1078   Denny Hunte   "Going to the Airport"
Dec 13 #1079   Monique Nadeau-Massabki   "Saturday Morning Cartoons"
"Grandma's Quilt"
"Memere Rosa"
Dec 20 #1080   Nancy Chong   "Christmas Turkey"
Dec 27 #1081   Marie Margis   "The Harvest"
      Peter Palladini   "The Coat Hanger"