2016 Life rattle Radio Program listings.

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Aug 4 Virginia Ashbery Julie Mirkovic "Who Hires Fifteen-Year-Olds?"
      Natasha Wong "Jane"
      Paul Goldwater "Border Patrol"
July 7 Virginia Ashberry Kitty Molefe "Home"
June 2 Virginia Ashberry Kitty Molefe "Student Demo"
May 22 Laurie Kallis Faiza Tariq "To the Right Side"
"The Meethai Plate"
May 8 Laurie Kallis Alison Colvin "Hot Flash"
"The Party"
May 5 Virginia Ashberry Victoria Martinez "The Mumps"
April 29 Laurie Kallis Peter Ham "Alone"
"Fighting Back"
April 26 John Currie Victoria Farrell "Catch and Release"
"River Ninjas"
April 14 Laurie Kallis Kristen Ladas "Drawing"
"Combination to My Heart"
April 7 Virginia Ashberry Victoria Martinez "Lizard Stew"
Mar 29 Laurie Kallis Alexander Melnyk "Cats Attract"
"Reading Buddies"
Mar 3 Virginia Ashberry Victoria Martinez "Fifty Dollars a Night"
Feb 19 Laurie Kallis Feroza Farzande "Forgiveness"
Feb 11 Laurie Kallis Heather Cosentino "The Person Who Cared More"
"A Day at the Zoo"
Feb 4 Virginia Ashberry Denny Hunte "My Departure for Canada"
Jan 28 Laurie Kallis Kirsten Armstrong "Flames"
Jan 21 Laurie Kallis Gabriel Miceli "Fireworks"
"What's So Funny?"
Jan 8 Virginia Ashberry Denny Hunte "The Tamarind Tree"