life rattle show no. 1365

Presented on THURSDAY, February 4, 2016


hosted by virginia ashberry


"My Departure for Canada"
by Denny Hunte

tonight's Show

A Life Rattle Classic story from long time contributor Denny Hunte.

Denny Hunte came to Canada from Barbados with his brother and three sisters in 1967, when he was twelve and a half. Hunte was born and spent his youth in Ellerton, a village of three to four thousand people in a landlocked parish on the island, where tonight’s story is set.

The Hunte family settled in Toronto. Denny attended Ryerson and York universities and has worked for Toronto Social Services since 1981. Hunte has been a frequent contributor to Life Rattle and has been a generous supporter and volunteer for various Life Rattle projects over the years.

"My Departure for Canada" brings us a riveting memoir, a reflection in detail, about Hunte's leaving Barbados for Canada when he was only twelve years old. We are made aware of his regrets, fears and excitement during the emigration experience. Something that almost half of our country has experienced, and the other half should know about.

You can listen to Hunte’s account of his parent’s departure a year and a half prior to him and his siblings on Life Rattle Number 1136, from 2011.

Please Note: Tonight's story contains language that some listeners may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.