life rattle show no. 1366

Presented on THURSDAY, February 11, 2016


hosted by laurie kallis


"The Person Who Cared More"
"A Day at the Zoo"
by Heather Cosentino

tonight's Show

Celebrates Valentine's Day with two stores by new Life Rattle writer Heather Cosentino.

Heather Cosentino was born in August 1990 in Leslieville, an east-end neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, to Irish-Italian parents. A few years later her family moved to Richmond Hill, a suburb north of Toronto, to welcome her younger brother, Peter. Heather grew up in many worlds: from C.S. Lewis’ Narnia to Lyra’s Oxford to Tolkein’s Middle-Earth…she explored them all. After high school, Heather moved to Kingston, Ontario, where she studied English, history and philosophy at university. Heather has since moved back to Toronto and now works in the nonprofit sector as a communications professional. When not writing, Heather enjoys road trips, concerts, hiking and binge-watching Netflix.

Heather Cosentino combines two usually disparate qualities in her writing: prose that rings with the boldness of youth side-by-side with incredibly mature observations of the nature of romantic relationships.

Tonight’s featured stories pulse with crisp dialogue, acute observations and stunning self-honesty on the part of the narrator. I don’t expect we’ll ever fully understand all the mysteries of love and romance, but it is satisfying to find a connection in a story that reminds us of who we are and what we do, even if we don’t really understand why.

"The Person Who Cared More" examines the inner workings of one of those relationships that resist labelling—where the participants strive to achieve a casual detachment in a game that includes a series of usually unwritten rules. Heather Cosentino dares to write down those rules in this story.

"A Day at the Zoo" focuses on a more committed relationship, where the players face their fears and reservations and ultimately share them with one another as they endeavour to harmonize their sense of self with their role as the other’s partner.

Please Note: Tonight's story contains scenes and language suitable for a mature audience. Listener discretion is advised.