life rattle show no. 1377

Presented on thursday, june 2, 2016


hosted by virginia ashberry


"Student Demo"
by Kitty Molefe

tonight's Show

features two classic stories from Kitty Molefe.

Kitty Molefe was born in 1959 in Brakpan, a town southeast of Johannesburg, in South Africa. She attended the University of Zululand, studying science and pre-medicine. In her fourth year, consumed by the liberation struggle in her country, Molefe left school and went into exile in Lesotho. For the next five years, she fought against apartheid, then travelled around Africa and Europe before settling in Toronto in 1986.
Kitty Molefe continues to live and work in Toronto.

“Student Demo” takes place in the mid 1970’s, fifteen years before the release of Nelson Mandela, when the brutality of the apartheid regime faced resistance from a new generation of South African youth reaching political awareness.

In “Lisedi,” also set in South Africa, our narrator leaves her university studies to join the liberation struggle for her country.

Please Note: Tonight's stories contain intense language and situations. Listener discretion is advised.