life rattle show no. 1368

Presented on THURSDAY, march 3, 2016


hosted by virginia ashberry


""Babe Ruth"
" Fifty Dollars a Night"
by Victoria Martinez

tonight's Show

presents two classic stories from long time Life Rattle writer and former host of this show Victoria Martinez.

Victoria Martinez was born in Manila, the capitol of the Philippines in 1953. After college she left Manila and spent two years travelling around Belgium and Luxembourg before landing a job with an oil company in Oman where she worked for three years. Martinez then came to Toronto in 1988. She currently works for a law firm in Toronto.

Victoria Martinez has written and continues to write stories of her life in the Philippines. Martinez’ narrators—whether a feisty, bright young girl who risks her father’s temper when she sneaks into the attic to feed her reading habit, or a mature woman cherishing her early memories of her mother—reveal shrewd, complex and unsentimental observations to present a varied and full picture of family life in the Philippines in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Please Note: Tonight's stories contain situations and language that some may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.