life rattle show no. 1363

Presented on THURSDAY, january 21, 2016


hosted by laurie kallis


"What's So Funny?"
by Gabriel Miceli

tonight's Show

features two new stories by Life Rattle writer Gabriel Miceli.

Gabriel Miceli was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1993, the elder of two children, to his father, an architect from Argentina, and his mother, a flight attendant from Brazil. His family moved to Laval, Quebec, when Gabriel was two years old, then to Toronto when he was four. When he turned seven, his sister was born, and the family moved to the suburbs of Mississauga. Gabriel Miceli recently graduated from university, where he studied history and political science, and is now studying human resources. He enjoys reading the classics, playing guitar and writing.

Gabriel Miceli writes thoughful, gentle prose that drifts over you and then surprises you with its acuity. In both of tonight’s stories, we hear of another’s romantic woes. The magic in Gabriel’s storytelling is that when we listen, we feel as if we have walked in the narrator’s shoes. The emotions Gabriel delves into are so universal that the barrier between reader and writer dissolves.

"Fireworks" takes place just as night falls on Canada Day. In a park filled with a multitude of people out to enjoy the festivities, a passing woman’s temporary tattoo brings a flood of bittersweet memories to our young narrator (published in The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2015: Stories).

In "What's So Funny?" we meet our narrator again as he supports a friend through her own heartbreak. He responds to her suffering with the warmth, affection, tact and touch of humour that every soul enduring romantic rejection deeply needs.