life rattle show no. 1376

Presented on sunday, may 22, 2016


hosted by laurie kallis


"To the Right Side"
"The Meethai Plate"
by Faiza Tariq

tonight's Show

features two stories by new writer Faiza Tariq.

Faiza Tariq, born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1993, has two older and one younger sister. Her dad worked as a government auditor which meant her family frequently travelled by train to different cities and villages within Pakistan. When the family moved to Canada in 2001, Faiza, an introvert by nature, spent more time at the library reading fairytales and stories about magic, witches and ghosts. Faiza Tariq currently lives with her sisters and her two-year-old nephew who pushes his aunty Faiza to come up with new stories that sometime involve a butterfly dancing with an owl in the clouds.

In these intimate, family-centred stories laced with unexpected dashes of humour, Faiza Tariq engages us with intelligent dialogue and sparkling glimpses of the characters surrounding our narrator, their quirks and their individual dispositions.

"To the Right Side" takes place in a classroom in Pakistan, where a newly appointed English teacher decrees the left hand fit only for the work of the devil and insists that our seven-year-old, left-handed narrator conform.

"The Meethai Plate" also set in Pakistan, presents an entertaining character sketch of a wily grandmother who incorporates a variety of approaches to satisfying her sweet tooth into an explanation of how her arranged marriage, at the age of twelve, wasn’t quite the shocking experience her teenaged granddaughter thinks.