life rattle show no. 1367

Presented on THURSDAY, February 11, 2016


hosted by laurie kallis


by Feroza Farzande

tonight's Show

features an incredible family-themed story by new Life Rattle writer Feroza Farzande.

Feroza Farzande was born in Peshawar, Pakistan, in 1992. She has three sisters and one brother. Feroza grew up around books, musical instruments, Persian poetry and Pushto songs. A favourite family hobby was going to the theatre to watch plays. Feroza and her family immigrated to Canada in 2005. Since then, Feroza Farzande has learned how to balance her skates on ice, completed her bachelor’s degree in professional writing and avoided getting married to a cousin.

Feroza Farzande writes striking, intelligent prose, with a depth that silently creeps up on you. The simple elegance of her writing holds a world of insight built inbetween each written line.

This week, those of us in Ontario celebrated Family Day, a day that means different things to different people. The concept of family is complex—the actuality even more complicated.

"Forgiveness" introduces us to a brave woman who chooses to bestow forgiveness on her spouse, despite an attempted infidelity.

In the face of the pain and difficulties we see in this story, the survival of this family as a whole feels very important. The final outcome—though it might conflict with many people’s idea of what would be the correct response—brings an incredible sense of relief and almost optimism.