life rattle show no. 1372

Presented on Tuesday, april 26, 2016


hosted by john currie

"River Ninjas"
"Catch and Release"
by Victoria Farrell

tonight's Show

a special Earth Day program hosted by John Currie, features two stories by new writer Victoria Farrell.

Victoria Farrell l was born in 1989 to a close-knit Newfoundland mother’s side and a secular New Brunswick Father’s side. Both sides of her family made careers out of fishing the Atlantic Ocean and its tributaries. When she is in Ontario she is comfortable, but never feels at home unless she’s on her horse, fly-fishing, or in the ocean. Along with all-terrain-vehicles and anything to do with boats, Victoria loves all things that glitter. Fish, being shiny- have always been interesting to her. She used to be a cat person until she got a dog, who is now her best friend. Victoria Farrell helps plant trees every year, and does the best she can at maintaining a fish hatchery in Norval, Ontario.

The gift in Victoria Farrell's writing is her portrayal of the personal, while taking the writing further by teaching us a few facts we did not know.

"River Ninjas" takes us to a fish ladder, something many of us may never have seen, let alone thought about the importance of. Victoria's writing reads as a play-by-play sequence that places us in the river alongside a roster of volunteers, soon rooting for the salmon to make the journey to spawn upriver.

"Catch and Release" also takes us to a section of the Credit River where our narrator is trying to help the fish population. Here, Victoria lays out a personal connection to fishing, and introduces us to Art Ditchun, a man who knew the river long ago, when it was different.