1993 Life Rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays at 9 p.m.
Jan 3 #253   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part four.
Jan 10 #254   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part five.
Jan 17 #255   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Conclusion.
Jan 24 #256   Kim Allison   "Three Summer Days'
Jan 31 #257   Kim Allison   "Cedarvale Avenue"
"Scrabble and Butterscotch Cookies"
Feb 7 #258   Marilli Martyn   "How I Became a Life Rattler"
Feb 14 #259   Mekonnen Atsbaha   "Caught by Surprise"
Feb 21 #260   Carmen Vincent   "Sheila" Part one
Feb 28 #261   Carmen Vincent   "Shelia" Conclusion
"The Synoptic Journal"
Mar 7 #262   Nancy Chong   "Christmas Turkey"
Mar 14 #263   Nancy Chong   "The Needle Has No Hole"
"The Marriage"
Mar 21 #264   Angelo DiMondo   "Another Chance"
"Mike's Pizzeria"
Mar 28 #265   Angelo DiMondo   "OLM Market Square"
Apr 4 #266   Aline Burke   "Jack Pot Blood"
Apr 11 #267   Sangeeta Kaur (pseudonym)   "A Sheltered Life"
"I Had to Marry Him"
Apr 18 #268   Sangeeta Kaur (pseudonym)   "All I Needed Was the Attention"
"Before and After"
"You Must Be Joking"
Apr 25 #269   Dorthy Forbes Johnston   "Tea Cakes and Freedom"
May 2 #270   Dorthy Forbes Johnston   "Innocent Beginning"
May 9 #271   Carmen Vincent   "Working in a Convent" Part one.
May 16 #272   Carmen Vincent   "Working in a Convent" Conclusion.
May 23 #273   Sharon Haywood   "The Long Weekend"
May 30 #274   Cynthia Campbell   "The Age of Reason"
"The Dock"
"Burl Ives"
June 6 #275   Cynthia Campbell   "Who Can Blame a Working Man"
June 13 #276   Cynthia Campbell   "Lake Nepewan"
"The Velvet Trap"
June 20 #277   Cynthia Campbell   "Sudbury"
June 27 #278   Sandra Bourque   "Summer Visit"
      Wayne Gerber   "Living Room Duvet"
July 4 #279   Barbra Gal   "It's Time"
"Under Her Arm"
"My Silent Cave"
"Listen to the Beat"
July 11 #280   Barbra Gal   "Bread and Butter"
"Nothing's Changed"
July 18 #281   Kwanza Msingwana   "Incident at Mishiha" Part one.
July 25 #282   Kwanza Msingwana   "Incident at Mishiha" Part two.
Aug 1 #283   Barbra Gal   "The Last Call"
      Cynthia Campbell   "Cache Lake"
Aug 8 #284   Jay Stephen   "The Eurocentric View"
"A Tear for Life"
Aug 15 #285   Jay Stephen   "The Getaway"
"I Will Raise My Voice, For There Is Understanding From Soul 2 Soul"
"Which Way Is Out?"
Aug 22 #286   Grace Mankowski   "Pulawy 1914"
Aug 29 #287   Grace Mankowski   "Life's Battles"
"Could This Be Fraud"
Sept 5 #288   Grace Mankowski   "Could This Be Fraud"
"Grandmother Go Home"
Sept 12 #289   Dorothy Forbes Johnston   "First Assignment" Part One.
Sept 19 #290   Dorothy Forbes Johnston   "First Assignment" Conclusion.
Sept 26 #291   Vic Gaykesheyongai   "Ted and Shirley"
"Buckeroo Bez and the Escape From the City of Lost Cause"
Oct 3 #292   Vic Gaykesheyongai   "Muskellunge"
      Dave Martin   "Family Food Fights"
Oct 10 #293   Tracy Wiggins   "The Mother"
"Preparing for the Job"
"Getting to Know One Another"
Oct 17 #294   Tracy Wiggins   "It's Time We Did Our Share"
Oct 24 #295       FundFest
Oct 31 #296   Saji Vithayathil   "Room 212"
"It's All in the Presentation"
"School Drives"
Nov 14 #297   Saji Vithayathil   "Nightmare"
Nov 21 #298   Anthony White   "Tony's World"
"Nature's Nurture"
The Homecoming"
Nov 28 #299   Anthony White   "The Visits"
"The Nimbus Eruption"
Dec 5 #300   Cynthia Campbell   "Under Water"
Dec 12 #301   Dave Martin   "Southside"
Dec 19 #302   Nancy Chong   "Christmas Turkey"
Dec 26 #303   Jutta Stein   "Iguana Tales -- Winston"