2002 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays 9 p.m.

Jan 6 #709   Lorraine Robbin   "The Mural"
Jan 13 #710   Beth Jones   "Saturday Morning"
"Under the Van"
Jan 20 #711   Laurie Kallis   "Bow and Arrow"
      Elizabeth Clark   "The Stovepipe Hold"
Jan 27 #712   Sultan Ameerali   "Crap Lobby" Part one.
Feb 3 #713   Kitty Molefe   "Student Demo"
Feb 10 #714   Kitty Molefe   "Storytelling"
Feg 17 #715   Valerie Campbell   "In a New York Minute"
      Denny Hunte   "The Home Visit"
Feb 24 #716   Cynthia Kao-Johnson   "Seventeen"
"Equal Opportunity Employer"
"Red Letters"
Mar 3 #717   Cynthia Kao-Johnson   "Paper, Rock, Scissors"
"American Christmas"
"Five Years"
Mar 10 #718   Gloria Ramirez   "Chocolate Con Bunuelos"
"One Sunday Night"
Mar 17 #719   Gloria Ramirez   "Chamomile, Coca-Cola and Coffee"
"Two Days, Two Jobs"
Mar 24 #720   Gloria Ramirez   "Monica"
Mar 31 #721   Virginia Ashberry   "Dinner and a Movie"
      Lorraine Robin   "Sorry, Yes, Thank You"
Apr 7 #722   Cheryl Fretz   "Mother"
"How I Became a Teacher"
Apr 14 #723   Cheryl Fretz   "Words"
      Bayan Khatib   "A Weed Among Flowers"
Apr 21 #724   Sultan Ameerali   "Crap Lobby" Conclusion
"Night Shift at BK Variety"
Apr 28 #725   Jennifer Lee   "Beijing Heat"
      Kwai Li   "Visiting Relatives"
May 5 #726   Virginia Ashberry   "Heat"
      Sean Black   "Trouble"
May 12 #727   David O'Connor   "Fate by Numbers"
May 19 #728   Jeff Fitzpatrick   "Janice"
"Three Stitches and a Tetanus Shot"
"Going to My Brother's House"
May 26 #729   Adam Giles   "Headache"
"Five Dollar Rebate"
"Jack Brown"
June 2 #730   Sultan Ameerali   "One Night in a Basement Apartment"
June 9 #731   Bayan Khatib  

"My Two Worlds"
"The Elevator"

June 16 #732   Bayan Khatib   "Where Only She Belongs"
"The Missing Pieces"
June 23 #733   Rosa Veltri   "A Heater and a Fan"
June 30 #734   Emilio Sinopoli   "The Long Weekend" Part one
July 7 #735   Emilio Sinopoli   "The Long Weekend" Part two
July 14 #736   Denny Hunte   "The Tamarind Tree"
July 21 #737   Seung Lee   "Reincarnation"
July 28 #738   Marie Margis   "The Harvest"
Aug 4 #739   Mike Faye   "First Day"
"Truly, Genuinely Concerned"
Aug 11 #740   Mike Faye   "Stoker"
"The Blower Incident"
Aug 18 #741   Mike Fate   "Matt"
"The Golden Bear"
Aug 25 #742   Adam Giles   "Opa"
Sept 1 #743   Cynthia Kao-Johnson   "Equal Opportunity Employer"
      Virginia Ashberry   "Lunch"
Sept 8 #744   Marie Margis   "Bobbie and Pinky"
      Karina Barbara   "The Hangover"
Sept 15 #745   Karina Barbara   "After the Show"
"The Phone Call"
"The Cradle of Filth T-Shirt"
Sept 22 #746   Gloria Ramirez   "Two Days, Two Jobs"
      Charlotte Strathdee   "Sneakers"
      Jayvibha Vidya   "Have You Taken B.S. 101?"
Sept 29 #747   Elizabeth Clark   "Chris or College"
Oct 6 #748   Jessive Marasovic   "The Hangover: Four Rounds and a Knockout"
Oct 13 #749   Nelida Boucher Micelli   "I Won't"
      Michael DeLellis   "The Day After"
Oct 20 #750       FundFest 2002
Oct 27 #751   Victoria Martinez   "The Mumps"
"Babe Ruth"
Nov 3 #752   Anna Berenthal   "Gig"
      Virginia Ashberry   "Dinner and a Movie"
Nov 10 #753   Mike Faye   "Stoker"
      Kitty Molefe   "Home"
Nov 17 #754   Adam Giles   "Five Dollar Rebate"
      Victoria Martinez   "Fifty Dollars a Night"
Nov 24 #755   Beth Jones   Zapatista Story
Dec 1 #756   Lorraine Robin   "Yes, Sorry, Thank You"
Dec 8 #757   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part One
Dec 15 #758   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part Two
Dec 22 #759   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" Part Conclusion
Dec 29 #760   Mike Faye   "Terry"
"Superman's First Flight"
"The Good Cart"