2013 Life rattle Radio Program listings.

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Dec 26 Laurie Kallis Renate Kellhammer "The Christmas Angel"
      Andrew Ihamaki "The Amazing Jumpin' Jiminy"
Dec 19 John Dunford Phoebe Lau "The Disappearing Boy"
"Red Meat"
      Ashika Huq "Protection"
Dec 12 Laurie Kallis Sara Peters "Imogen"
Dec 5 Virginia Ashberry Juan Alas "My Brother's Death"
Nov 28 Laurie Kallis Laura Lush "Bacon and a Pair"
Nov 21 Virginia Ashberry Bayan Khatib "My Two Worlds"
"The Elevator"
Nov 14 John Dunford Vincent Gao "Life Fifth-Period French"
"Bark Lake"
"St. Laurent"
"Broken Mirror"
Nov 7 Laurie Kallis Anna Li "Little Bird"
      Gabriel Miceli "Snowy Night in the City"
Oct 31 Laurie Kallis Sara Peters "Dusty Grins"
"The Rabbit"
Oct 24 John Dunford Rowan El Shabassy "I Am Brave"
Oct 17 Laurie Kallis Lauren Tashiro "Away Game"
"The Sea Never Says I'm Sorry"
Oct 10 Laurie Kallis Mitchell Pateman

"Roll It Up"
"A Frigid Tale"
"The Mullet"


Oct 3 Laurie Kallis Christie Rodenburg "Calf Bully"
"After Baling"
"Skinamarinky Doo"
Sept 24 Virginia Ashberry Hien The Chu "The Prisoners"
"The Scent of Green Chilies"
Sept 17 Laurie Kallis Meera Jayarajan "The Unit"
Sept 12 Laurie Kallis Sebastian Franks "Scrabble + Alcohol = Trouble"
Sept 5 Virginia Ashberry Elizabeth Clark "Chris or College"
Aug 29 Laurie Kallis Reade Domazar "Valkyrie vs. Busybody"
"Where is Ninjabike?"
Aug 22 Laurie Kallis Belinda Grimaudo Grayburn "Sing Anna, Sing"
"Letting Go"
Aug 15 Laurie Kallis Belinda Grimaudo Grayburn "Culture Shock"
"Applause Video"
"Be Mine"
Aug 8 Laurie Kallis Courtney Olmsted "Flower"
"Six Months"
Aug 1 Virginia Ashberry Jenny Qin Chun Zhou "Independent and Bound Feet"
July 25 Laurie Kallis Turbo Stevens "Wanted"
"The Rink"
July 18 Laurie Kallis Samantha Ashenhurst "Green Beans and Barbie Dolls"
"The Birthday Party"
"Where Pete Went"
July 11 Laurie Kallis Rory Bourgeois "Fond of Trouble"
"No Longer the Youngest"
"Between Roads"
"Small Talk"
July 4 Virginia Ashberry Fuad Ahmed

"Do You Like Me"
"Which Side Are You On"

June 27 Laurie Kallis Morgan Goodwin "Fridays"
      Tyler McLaren "Clancy's"
"The Coolest Kid in School"
June 20 John Dunford Bobby Popovic "The Ravine"
June 13 John Dunford Bobby Popovic

"Thin Walls"
"Golden Orchard"


June 6 Virginia Ashberry Mike Faye "Stoker"
"The Blower Incident"
May 30 Laurie Kallis Bailey Green "Night Shift at the Golden Arches"
"Jail Bait"
"Gravel Slide"
May 23 Laurie Kallis Bailey Green "Zig Zag Zoo"
"Panty Bar"
"Good Practice"
May 16 Laurie Kallis Bailey Green "Hatiralar (Memories)"
May 9 Laurie Kallis Virginia Martinez "The Mourning"
      Laurie Kallis "Bow and Arrow"
May 2 Virginia Ashberry Mike Faye

"First Day"
"Truly Genuinely Concerned"

Apr 25 John Dunford Grace Jooyun Lee "The Power of a Toonie"
"Valentine Roses Event"
"Text Message"
Apr 18 John Dunford Grace Jooyun Lee "A Woman's Fate"
"I'm Sorry Toto"
"Granny's Chicken Stew"
Apr 11 Laurie Kallis Niall Carson "The Wedding"
Apr 4 Laurie Kallis Virginia Ashberry "Dinner and a Movie"
Mar 28 Laurie Kallis Virginia Ashberry "Jasmine Tea"
"The Visit"
Mar 21 Laurie Kallis Virginia Ashberry

"Chicken Killer"

Mar 14 Laurie Kallis Nikita Pchelin "Anna Maksymovna"
"Disturbing the Universe"
"A Chameleon"
Mar 7 Laurie Kallis Kiranjyot Chattha "First Dance"
"Lights Out"
Feb 28 Laurie Kallis Raj Asimi "Red Ass"
"Fast Food"
Feb 21 Laurie Kallis Raj Asimi "Cat's Cry"
Feb 14 Laurie Kallis Sami Karaman "Reuben"
"The Story"
"Counting Time"
Feb 7 Laurie Kallis Sami Karaman "Cash Three"
"Garbage Man"
Jan 31 Laurie Kallis Vaia Barkas "South of Assiniboia"
"How to Skin a Quillhog"
"The Driver-Side Window"
Jan 24 Laurie Kallis Vaia Barkas "Drive (A Place to Rest)"
Jan 17 Laurie Kallis Andrew Ihamaki "Yellow"
"Shit Tire: Fenelon Falls"
Jan 10 Laurie Kallis Andrew Ihamaki "Power Rangers"
"Grandpa's House"
"Pappas Billiards"
Jan 3 Laurie Kallis Franky Dias "Soliloquoy of Grace" excerpt from The Taste of Water