life rattle show no. 1237

Presented on THURSDAY, january 3, 2013


Hosted by John Dunford


"Soliloquoy of Grace"

by Franky Dias

tonight's Show

To start this New Year, Life Rattle No. 1237  features "Soliloquoy of Grace," an excerpt from Franky Dias's The Taste of Water: A Novel.

The Taste of Water: A Novel weaves history, folklore, humour and irreverence into a magical tale.

Franky Dias grew up in a small village near Mangalore, India. At the age of twenty-one, he moved to Mumbai and worked as a bank officer. Later posted to Goa for five years, he wrote and produced a musical, then moved to Dubai where he worked in international banking and wrote a column for the local newspaper. He is fluent in Konkani, Kannada, Tulu, Hindi and English.
In 1990, he and his wife, along with their daughter and son, then three and six years old, moved to Toronto, Canada. Franky Dias spends his time composing music and writing, and lives between Canada, India and the south of France.

In tonight's reading, you will meet Grace De Souza, who has learned that her husband, Joachim, has died in a car accident. Slipping between delirium and lucidity, Grace examines her life, questioning the purpose of leading a good life—and even God.