life rattle show no. 1265

Presented on THURSDAY, july 18, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Green Beans and Barbie Dolls"
"The Birthday Party"
"Where Pete Went"
by Samantha Ashenhurst

tonight's Show

Life Rattle Number 1265 features three stories by new writer Samantha Ashenhurst.

Samantha Ashenhurst, the youngest daughter of a nurse from the country and a teacher from the city, was born in Mississauga in 1986. She studied journalism in college and, after graduation, spent a few years working and travelling while figuring out her career path. After considering many options, from baking to funeral directing, Samantha decided to return to school. She currently attends university, focusing on literature, writing and women’s studies.
Samantha Ashenhurst loves working on crossword puzzles, spending time with dogs of all sizes, and driving around while listening to Queens of the Stone Age.

All three stories featured on tonight’s program centre on emotionally charged situations. Yet Samantha’s calm, deft hand allows the reader to respond on our own terms, at our own pace. The personalities and actions of the characters we meet stand out in brilliant contrast to Samantha’s cool presentation.

In tonight’s first story, "Green Beans and Barbie Dolls," a father’s explosive outburst overshadows what should be a pleasant trip to visit grandparents at their country farm.

Our second story, "The Birthday Party," opens early in the morning with a young woman who suffers the after effects of too much partying the night before. Her hangover begins a downward spiral when she notices the “new text message” light flashing on her boyfriend’s cellphone

We close tonight’s program with, "Where Pete Went," a three-part story that opens at a funeral service for a friend, Pete. Through vignettes, our narrator introduces us to his family, friends and to Pete himself. After these brief glimpses of Pete’s upbeat personality, talent and shining future, we are left at a loss.