life rattle show no. 1278

Presented on THURSDAY, October 17, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Away Game"
"The Sea Never Says I'm Sorry"

by Lauren Tashiro

tonight's Show

On tonight’s show, Life Rattle Number 1278, we feature three stories by new Life Rattle writer Lauren Tashiro.

Lauren Tashiro was born in 1993 in Etobicoke, her parents’ first and only child. When she was six months old, they moved to Guelph where Lauren grew up and still lives now. Her father, a third generation Japanese Canadian, commutes to Toronto where he works as a nuclear engineer. Her mother works as an analytical chemist on the outskirts of Guelph. Lauren enjoys reading, baking, playing video games, watching TV, playing hockey, and writing. Lauren Tashiro originally enrolled at university to study astronomy, but she changed majors and currently studies anthropology and writing.

Although the theme varies in each of the stories you will hear tonight, the quality of Tashiro’s writing is constant. Her prose feels fresh and honest. The tone in each story maintains a cautious reserve that leaves the reader with the sense that much is going on below the surface.

All of the action in tonight’s first story, "Away Game," is confined inside a car. On the way home from a hockey game, a father, furious over what he considers poor play, unleashes on his young daughter, trapped in the back seat.

Tonight's second story, "Sandwich," takes us back to the days leading up to summer vacation. When an elementary school girl discovers an unpleasant surprise deep inside her desk, she worries about who is watching.

Set on the east coast of Canada, the chill of a churning sea and endless grey skies gives a haunting feel to, "The Sea Never Says I'm Sorry," tonight’s final story.