life rattle show no. 1246

Presented on THURSDAY, march 7, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"First Dance"
"Lights Out"

by Kiranjyot Chattha

tonight's Show

Tonight, on Life Rattle Number 1246, we present two stories written and read by new Life Rattle writer Kiranjyot Chattha.

Kiranjyot Chattha was born in 1991 in Toronto. She has an older brother whom she looks up to as a role model and considers her best friend. Her parents, born and raised in India, immigrated to Canada in their early twenties and settled in Toronto.
Kiranjyot was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at eleven years old and since then she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness that “kids get arthritis too,” in the hope that more children receive early diagnosis. Kiranjyot’s hobbies include painting, drawing, writing, reading, makeup and baking cupcakes and cookies.
Kiranjyot Chattha currently studies psychology and professional writing and communications, and hosts UTM/TV.

Kiranjyot brings a fresh voice to her writing. Both of tonight's stories are written from the viewpoint of a young person, and while the voice stays true to the narrator’s youthfulness, Kiranjyot manages to present a candid self-awareness that is not always flattering. This honesty and her keen observations give each story a convincing sharpness that rings absolutely true.

In "First Dance," tonight’s first story, a young student anticipates a close encounter with the boy she has a serious crush on, but despite her careful maneuvering, things don’t go as planned.

Our second story, "Lights Out," will leave you questioning the constant electronic entertainment we have grown accustomed to surrounding ourselves with.